Are you worried about com samsung android mdx quickboard? You have seen this “” in your settings. Right?

The movement you read will be tensed because when you haven’t installed anything like this, your phone shows that you have used

What is ?

The is an android application package name that only exists on Samsung devices. Every app has its own unique identity, known as ‘Package name.’ Package names look like “ Add” 

So, if you found that is running. Then it’s the app that will allow querying a multidimensional database. 

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This app controls various functions on Samsung, including Allows Apps to discover & connect to paired Bluetooth devices, read from external storage. used for?

This APK is mainly used for internal & background works on Samsung devices, which helps the device function all the user performed tasks.

Here’s What Exactly it is used for; 

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The MDX Toolkit, also known as “com Samsung android MDX quickboard” is an app container technology that enhances the mobile device experience. The toolkit lets you prepare apps for secure deployment with Citrix Endpoint Management.

Now you might ask, what’s the simplest definition of this? So, What do I get below? A simple explanation for “com Samsung android MDX quickboard.”

“com Samsung android MDX quickboard” is the package name of the app MDX Toolkit, which enhances the mobile device experience. This MDX toolkit prepares apps for secure deployment with Citrix endpoint management.

It is the name of a file available on the Internet which will install an Android application that will allow querying of a multidimensional database.

It is involved when two Samsung devices are to be remote controlled. It’s a hidden file until viewed on an explorer.

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