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Com sec android app camera? Then here’s things you need to know; About com sec android app camera APK. Meaning, Use, Function.
Share your love ^_^ Are you worried about sec android app camera? You have seen this “” in your settings. Right? The movement you read will make you tense because when you haven’t installed anything like this, your phone shows that you have used 

What is

Firstly, it’s the package name of the Default Android camera app, which is preinstalled on all the devices which run on Android.

Why is it named:

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The is an android application package name that only exists on all Android devices. Every app has its unique identity, known as a ‘Package name.’ Package names look like “ Add” 

Here’s What Exactly it is used for; 

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Have you seen this in settings that this package is running or uses RAM & Processing power, then don’t worry; it’s completely safe because it’s the code name of Camera App on android.

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This is used for clicking the picture & storing it on the stage. Moreover, it includes all the features like Pandora mode, Slow-Motion, and GIF-making.

PS: These features only are the features that your camera or smartphone supports. APK? stands for the Android camera app, which is default installed on all android devices. So, if you see this running in the background, then don’t worry because it’s every device’s basic camera app. Also read Uninstall YouTube App [Remove Youtube App].

Here are some FAQs on this packaged app “” that most people are looking for, but they didn’t get the answer.


Q: What is on Samsung?

Ans: on Samsung devices stands for the default Camera app, which is preinstalled. The camera app has its unique code, which can have its settings or in the Android data folder.

Q: What does used camera mean?

Ans: This stands for the Camera application printed on all Android smartphones. It’s just the unique code that this camera app has.

Q: Why is the running?

Ans: So, if you found that is running. Then it’s the app that will allow devices to take pictures & store them in storage. 

So that’s all for today. We had already created fewer article topics like this, including the package name like; Moreover, don’t forget to visit your category page, where there are a lot of articles like this one.


We want to share that with you guys, and I hope you got all the information about this com android app camera (Camera app) found on All android devices. We are always here to help you. Have a nice day.

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