Comparing India’s best cell phone spy apps for 2021

Technology is playing a great part in the surveillance sector. Gone are the days when you could only keep an eye on other people through CCTV. Now, there are phone spyware apps that let you monitor anyone’s phone from any part of the world.

That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in today’s article. As we compare five cell phone tapping software programs that are currently considered to be the best in India.

But before we move on to the five phone spy apps, first, let’s discuss:

What are Spy Apps?

Spyware apps are phone applications specifically designed to track all activities of a phone on which they are installed. 

Once installed on a phone, it works silently to capture all the data, after which, the app’s user can check the monitored data from anywhere.

Usually, parents, worried about their kids’ safety, use such cell phone tapping software or applications. 

Okay, it’s time to get into the thick of things!

5 Best Cell Phone Spyware Apps in 2021

Now, we are going to compare the leading phone spyware that people are using in India and other parts of the world.


The biggest reason we are starting with the XNSPY phone monitoring app is that it specifically targets the monitoring app industry in India. Most spy apps can be used worldwide. However, XNSPY is one of the very few apps emphasizing that it’s available for Indian parents and entrepreneurs as well.

The app is a pioneer when it comes to developing spying tools for smartphones. Perhaps, that’s why it has ensured its reach in a fast developing country like India. Where more and more people understand that technology can really help in keeping an eye on their loved ones at all times.

The Cost

Everyone is concerned about how much these cell phone tapping software and applications go for. But XNSPY has made sure its subscription packages are affordable for the mass public. You can get its basic version for just USD 4.99 a month, while its premium version can be bought at USD 7.49 per month.

With the XNSPY phone monitoring app’s premium package you get all its spying features, which are more than thirty according to its official website. Let’s talk about some of the major ones:

XNSPY Features

With this app, you can monitor a phone’s:

  • Calls and their logs: Listening in on calls and recording them is possible. While checking call logs is another option you have under this feature.
  • Text messages: You can read all sent and received text messages.
  • Location: Get the phone’s GPS location with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Instant alerts: A unique feature that sends you instant alerts when a word, location, or contact number, which you specify in its appropriate watch list, appears on the monitored phone. 

Many other of its phone spying features include internet messenger and social media app tracking, internet browser monitoring, remote ambient sound recording, phone lock, etc. 


The app is available for both Android and iOS.

The XNSPY cell phone monitoring app is compatible with all Android phones as long as they are running on Android 4.0 or higher. 

While for iOS users, it will work fine for you as long as your phone is operating on iOS 6.0 and above.


· High affordability and compatibility

· 30+ spying features


· No parental controls for browsers

2. SpyHuman

SpyHuman is another phone mentoring tool but it focuses more on worried parents than businesses. So, what you get is a parental monitoring app that allows you to track your children’s phone(s). As it specifically says on its website that this cell phone tapping software is right for you if you want to monitor the smartphone activities of your underage kids.

However, like most other spy apps, it claims to work in stealth mode to monitor all your children’s or employee’s phone activities. While its pricing plans differ from the app we discussed earlier. So, let’s talk about how much this app costs you!

Its Pricing Plan

The SpyHuman app is one of the few such spyware apps that offer a trial plan. So, if you’re not sure you want its services or not. You can always try out its 7-Day trial plan (for 1 device only) before moving forward with its premium subscription.

While the SpyHuman premium plan goes for USD 14.99 per month. Currently, the app is being offered at USD 9.99 monthly per device for a limited time. 

What are its Features?

Other than the watch list instant alerts function, the SpyHuman app offers:

  • Phone call monitoring
  • Text messages tracking 
  • Social media and IM app spy
  • Web monitoring allows you to block any websites that you think may contain inappropriate or harmful content for your children.
  • The App tracker tracks all downloaded and running applications on a monitored smartphone. You can block any app when required. This spying feature is not only available in SpyHuman but the XNSPY phone monitoring app as well.

Along with these functions, the app also offers many more common spy app features that we will go over as we proceed with this article.

Its Compatibility

After going through its official website, we can say for sure it’s only available for Android. So, iPhones or any other Apple devices are not supported with the SpyHuman app.

While it is supported on all phones running on Android 3.0 or a higher version. 


· High compatibility (for Android users)

· Web parental monitoring controls


· No iOS support

· No data is recorded when the phone’s not connected to the internet

3. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is yet another cell phone tapping software that has millions of users around the globe, just like the other two spy apps discussed before. While the app allows you to spy on all smartphone activities once it is installed on one.  


The only thing we found contradictory on its website is that even though it claims to be the best free phone spy app, it has three paid subscription license plans available on its website.

So, why not let’s just talk about its pricing plan instead?

Three Different Price Packages

It’s always good to have multiple options. Maybe that’s the reason why the TheTruthSpy app is available in three packages. So, you can choose any plan as per your requirements. 

Let’s take a look at the different prices then, shall we?

  • First, the Standard plan is available for USD 21.99, payable every month, with limited features. 
  • Second, the Premium package can cost you up to USD 25.99 monthly, again with limited access to some of its spying features. 
  • Third, and last, you can get its Gold plan subscription for USD 30.99 per month with full access to every spying function the app has to offer. 

TheTruthSpy Features 

Following are some of the functions that you can use when you install this app on a smartphone:

  • Real-time and location tracking
  • Call tracking
  • SMS monitoring
  • Monitoring of apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc. The same feature is also available in the two spy apps discussed before.
  • Checking contacts and their information stored on the monitored cell phone. A common feature that all such apps have including the ones we have mentioned before or will mention in the next paragraphs of this article.

What About Its Compatibility?

TheTruthSpy is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. 

So, its Android spy app only works with phones running on Android 4.x to 9.x., while its iOS app supports iPhone 5 and above, the latest iPads, and iPod Touch. 

Recently, the app’s developers claim to have added support for Android OS versions above 9.x as well. 


· 3 different subscription plans with different pricing

· 5-minute installation


· Rooting required for any and all devices

· Expensive (if you want all its features)

4. Spyzie

Spyzie claims to be the world’s number one cell phone tapping software. Whether it is truly the best in the world or not, we leave it up to you to decide. Once you are done reading the whole article, of course!

Countless parents use the Spyzie app to track their children’s phones. While employers are utilizing its features to monitor their employees to know whether they are doing their jobs as instructed or idling around.

According to the app’s website, it emphasizes that your (monitored) data cannot be stolen. Thanks to their world-class data encryption and protection methods.

Now, let’s see how much can it cost?

Plans’ Pricing

Spyzie pricing plans for Android are different than the iOS ones. For some reason, the iOS spy app is costly than its Android counterpart. While both platform’s apps are offered in three different packages.

  • Android: The basic version goes for USD 39.99 a month for 1 device. Its premium plan for a single device normally costs USD 69.99 per month but can go as low as USD 9.99 a month when you get its 12-month license. While the “Family” package, supporting up to 3 devices, costs USD 69.99 monthly. 
  • iOS: The premium package for a single iOS device is available for USD 79.99 per month normally, or USD 10.83 each month when you buy the 12-month license instead of the 1-month alternative. The family plan for iOS users includes support for 5 devices at maximum, while you can get it for USD 99.99 a month. Lastly, there is a “Business” package available that supports up to 25 devices and it can cost you 399.99 per month.

Its Spying Features

The phone tracking functions it provides are much like its other competitors. A few of them are:

  • Phone calls tracker
  • SMS tracking
  • Finding the phone’s location 
  • Geo-fence alerts: Spyzie lets you set “allowed” and “forbidden” zones on a virtual map. So, you can get alerts when the phone enters any of these zones.

Other common spy app functions, such as IM and Social media spy and Website history tracking, are available as well.


One can use the Spyzie app on smartphones operating on Android 4.0 and upwards. While iPhone and iPad owners can expect it to work with all iOS versions. 


· No rooting required 


· Low affordability

5. Spyera

The fifth and final spy app for today’s article is Spyera. It is a renowned computer, tablet, and cell phone tapping software that claims to be the most powerful and least detectable monitoring tool in the market, not just in India but the world.

Most phone spyware apps only put their efforts into monitoring smartphones or tablets. But Spyera has made sure that it offers something for Windows and macOS computers as well.

Now, let’s see how much of a dent it can put on your pocket!

Four Pricing Packages 

Yes, you get four packages with this spy app because it’s not only available for phones and tablets but PCs as well. 

  • Smartphones: No matter iOS or Android, you can get Spyera’s monthly subscription for USD 89. 
  • Tablets: iPads or Android-powered tablets, the price of its subscription is set at USD 69 a month. 
  • Computers: Windows or macOS, the PC spy software is available at USD 49 per month. 
  • Fourth for all compatible devices, the “All in One” package allows you to spy on 1 smartphone, tablet, and computer each for USD 479 per year.

Features of Spyera

It offers all the following phone tracking features:

  • Call monitoring
  • Text messages tracking
  • Social media and IM app tracker
  • Screen Recording: The app can take snapshots of the monitored phone’s screen when an IM app is open on it. A feature that is also available with the XNSPY cell phone monitoring app.
  • Geo-fencing 
  • Viewing media: Another common spy app feature that gives you access to view media files such as photos, audio clips, and videos in the phone’s storage.
  • USB tracker: A unique feature because it concerns tracking USB connections on computers.
  • Remote deactivation/uninstallation: Meaning you can remotely deactivate or uninstall Spyera from the monitored phone, tablet, or computer.


For Android: All phones and tablets are compatible if they are operating on Android OS v11 or lower. Some features require rooting.

For iOS: Compatible with iPhones and iPads that are running on iOS 14.x and below. While jailbreaking is required.

For computers, Spyera supports:

  • Windows 7, 8.x and 10 
  • The macOS Sierra (version 10.12) up till macOS Big Sur (the latest major release of the operating system)


· One stop solution to spy on computers, tablets, and phones


· Extremely expensive

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