Learn Instantly To Copy Contacts from Phone to SIM Card [Easy Guide]

Copy Contacts from Phone to SIM; Without lossing data. 5 Steps easy process; TO Transfer Contacts from Phone to Sim Card. Any Android Device!
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Copying contacts from phone to SIM card is not easy. Contact loss is one of the things that everyone suffers once because of misinformation or don’t have the proper guide to copy contacts and how to transfer contacts from phone to SIM card.

I promise by reading this article till the end you will be able to transfer/copy/move your contacts from the phone to the SIM card or the device.

This is going to be an easy guide. You should not make the same mistake that my friend ‘Payal’ made. What she has done is without finding (learning) how to copy phone numbers from phone to SIM card instead, She is directly trying to do it by herself. 

And because of that, she lost all her contacts now is recovering all the contacts just by meeting all those people and taking their numbers back. 

So without wasting any more time let’s dive into the actual article in which I am gonna show you how to copy contacts from the phone to SIM. 

How to Copy Contacts from Phone to SIM Card [Transfer Contacts Android] 

Your device might be running on the Android OS so if you have the older version of Android you need to install an app but if you have the Android Oreo or above that then you don’t need an app everything is inbuilt you can complete this process without installing any app. 

To transfer contacts in Android from the device to any sim card follow the below procedure: 

  • Open the Contacts App by Google. 
  • Slide from left to right > Now Tap on Settings.
  • Here Find & Select Export > Choose the Location > Name the File > Save it. 
  • Now this time in Settings > Choose Import > Select .vcf > Tap the Place where you want to copy the Contacts. 
    • Like Sim Card 1 or SIM 2 
  • At last, Tap on the Import Button to Copy Contacts from Device to SIM Card.

That’s it. This way you can easily transfer contacts from the phone to SIM card or from sim card to phone you just have to reverse the process. Do you know how reverse image search works and how to use it? 

What is .vcf File & its Full form? 

Generally, VCF stands for Virtual Contact Files. It is used in Android devices to export or import phone contacts. In a broad sense, it is used to back up the contacts. 

Copying Contacts from Device to SIM Easy Tutorial (With Images) 

Here I am going to show you an in-depth tutorial to easily copy the contacts from phone or device to the SIM card. I thought I would show you something with the actual images of how I am processing this. 

  • 1. Open Contact App

    Here you have to open the Contacts app which came from Google. You can find it in the app drawer. Tap on it and open the contact apps. Now slide from left to right to get a slide bar where you will get an option of settings. tap on the settings.

  • 2. Tap on Export in Settings

    At this point scroll down and find the export option and when you find it the selected.  

  • 3. Save a .VCF File

    A new menu will appear where you have to save that.VCF file into any folder on your smartphone. Save it.

  • 5. Select Import Contacts

    Now again open the Contacts app and tap on settings then move on to the import option.

  • 4. Selecting a .vcf File

    Tap on the import and select the .vcf file. Now you will get an option to select where you want to paste that copied contact social at a place like a device sim card or anywhere you want. 

  • 5. Copying Contacts to SIM Card

    Now you have to select the file that we recently exported into the storage. Then tap the tick to confirm the selection. 


So as you can see I have copied all my contacts from the phone to SIM 1. You can use this same procedure if your device is running on Android Oreo + versions. If your device is not running on Android Oreo or above then you can download the Contacts app from the Google Play Store. It is one of the best contact or dialler apps that I have found. 

As I already told you, one of my friends, Payal, made a mistake without learning how to copy the steps directly onto the steps. Hopefully, you didn’t have to learn all the steps to copy device contacts to a SIM card. 

And in the end, she came to me and asked me for help and I told him the exact way to recover and restore all the contacts easily without suffering too much and begging for their numbers. 


Many people nowadays are confused with these terms. And Glad to see that you searched this on Google and I thought of something to copy phone contacts to SIM card. 

Hopefully, that’s it for today. I hope you like this tutorial. If yes then let me know in the comments what are your thoughts. 

Many people are sharing their thoughts and it is about only 1% of the total reader who is sharing their thoughts on the above topic.

What are your thoughts on copying device contacts to SIM cards? 

Are contacts stored on SIM card Android?

Android devices the capability to store all their contacts on the device or on any sim card on which you want. You can check this by tapping on the contacts and then the details you will see on which it is stored. 

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