How to Make Folder Android [Guide on Creating Folders Android]

Make a folder on a mobile phone: in this article, I am gonna teach you how to create a folder in Android and how to make a folder in mobile. This is an easy-to-follow guide with screenshots that will help you to create a folder on your phone. 

Without wasting any more time let’s dive into the tutorial on how to create a folder in Android and how to make a folder in mobile.

How to Make Folder In Mobile 

The folder is the essential thing in which we store particular files. Folders are important when you have to maintain certain files separately. Suppose in one folder you will keep PDF and in another folder, you will keep all your images, that’s how it works. 

To make a new folder and any mobile device follow the below procedure: 

Open the File manager app
Open the File manager app
Steps to make a new folder
Steps to make a new folder
Name the New Folder
Name the New Folder
Folder has been Created
Folder has been Created
  • Open the File Manager app
  • Select any Storage (Where you have to create a new folder) 
  • Here Tap on the Three Dots > Select New Folder
  • Name the Folder and Save it. 

That’s how you can create a new folder on any smartphone. There are many ways but this is one of the easiest ways you can follow this on any File Manager app. 

If you didn’t get it below is the complete and in-depth tutorial on how to create a or how to make a new folder on the Android file manager app. 

Method 2: To Create A New Folder on Android 

Here is the tutorial which has more depth than any sea. Just kidding. ;). 

  • First of all, you need to open the File Manager app which is colored in yellow and looks like itself a folder 
  • After opening the File Manager app you will see all your storage options like phone storage and external storage/SD card. Select any one of them in which you have to create a folder. 
  • Here you have to tap on the three dots which are on the top right-hand side and in some smartphones there is an option in the bottom bar of a folder with a plus button tap on it. 
  • It will ask you for the name of the folder, give your folder in name and save it. Now your folder has been created. 

You can create an unlimited number of folders until you have space. If you take my screenshot you will find that my internal storage was almost full. It left around 196 MB if you are thinking I am not cleaning or Freeing up storage. 

Because I am showing you how to move apps and how to directly download apps to SD cards you are how you can learn it. 

Today I showed you how to make a new folder on any mobile/phone. Also, I created a new folder on my smartphone just with you. 

I hope I successfully showed you how to create a folder on Android with a few easy steps that you should follow if you want to create any folder. 

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