Best Cricket Games for Android in 2022

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Cricket Games Android: Cricket is one of the most popular games across the globe, people are talking about it and there are tons of teams available in the world like Indian team, Australian cricket team & England, etc. The craze of cricket doesn’t end here, people want to play cricket games on their Android phones.

But there are thousands of free cricket games available on the Play Store that have the worst graphics you have ever seen Before but you don’t need to worry because we are here with Free cricket games for Android that you can play offline and online. 

So today I am gonna show you the Top 5 Cricket Games for Android that you can play right now and I promise you these games are the best in terms of graphics and terms of gameplay. These games have very few bugs. 

Best Cricket Games for Android 

So let’s get started with the top 5 cricket games that you can play on your Android device whether you play online or offline.  

1. WCC Lite – Lite cricket game 

wcc lite

WCC lite is one of the lightest cricket games that you can play on your 1GB RAM smartphone even in a 512 MB ram smartphone. That is insane! 

Now you will start thinking that the graphics might be that good but let me show you a small clip that will help you to understand these graphics. These are just amazing games under 100MB.

So overall this is a light cricket game for the low and mobile devices so you can download it from here let’s move on to the second-best offline cricket game.

2. World cricket championship 

world cricket championship

This is the first wcc game with great graphics. This game was officially launched in 2011 and in 2022 this game is still getting updates! This is quite impressive because sometimes developers forget about their apps/games then the craze goes down. But cricket is one of the games that nobody gets bored of and if you are looking for an arcade cricket game then stay tuned.

3. Bat attack: cricket multiplayer game 

bat attack cricket game

If you are finding an arcade or kind of cricket game which is fun to play with a new concept. Then bat attack is one of them. This is an extremely cool game for kids, even elders like you and me. 

Here is the twist: 

  • There are numerous missions to play within the single-player mode and a heart-racing Endless attack where you have to score as many runs as possible before you lose your wicket.
  • You can play this game on almost any Smartphone whether it’s a 10000 rupees phone or even a 40,000 rupees phone. 

System requirements: 1GB RAM and Android 4.0 or later 

Overall a great cricket game with a great concept.

4. Sachin saga: best cricket game 

sachin saga game

The Sachin saga is one of the best cricket games that I have ever seen before. This game has extremely good graphics with decent  There are of modes Legendary mode, PvP mode, etc. and also there are tons of players in every team that you can play with.

And you know that this is the official cricket game of Sachin Tendulkar and you can even win Sachin Tendulkar merchandise and exclusive rewards. 

The size of this game is just 181 MB and that is too great for men’s and also this is an original Sachin Tendulkar’s cricket game under 200MB. What’s wrong with this man! And even if you join the premium and by subscription, you can remove ads and also can participate in many advanced tournaments.

So let’s move on to the last and final cricket game that every cricket lover must know and should try to out. If you are a cricket lover then here is a question for you: Which cricketer is known as a run machine? Answer this in the comment box. I will see my cricket live or not and don’t try to ignore men!

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5. WCC2 


Went back to 2015 when I was a 13 years old kid who’s friend is cricket lover and loves to play gully cricket. He always tells me to play wcc with him and verses but I am not that type of cricket fan in fact I like games like Battleground mobile India but at that time there was mini Militia. 

But anyways from 2015 to 2022 this game changed a lot. This game got the use of dates in terms of graphics in terms of the performance and with time the number of ads increased by 5%. 

I liked this graphic from 2015 but in 2021 I started playing this game. Now I became a cricket fan just because of this game I started watching cricket matches with its IPL or World Cup because of wcc 2! 

Conclusion: Cricket Games

Hopefully, that’s it for today guys these are the best cricket games for android that you can start playing with your friends. 

So before you go anywhere let me repeat my question. If you are a cricket lover then answer this question: Which cricketer is known as a run machine? And here are the things for you: he is from the Indian cricket team.

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