How to Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk on Android/Any Phone

Step-by-step procedure to delete bulk emails in the Gmail app. The only trick you want.
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Deleting Bulk Emails from the Gmail App is one of the things that most people want to do but can’t do because they don’t know How to Delete Bulk Emails in Gmail.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to delete emails in bulk on the Gmail app just by using your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or an iPhone.  

So without wasting any more seconds, let’s see how to delete Gmail emails in bulk.

How to Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk – 3 Easy Steps

Millions of people have used Gmail. You know that the company is just sending emails daily, so we can’t manage our essential emails. That’s why we need to delete emails in bulk that we have received from various things and companies, etc. 
And if you ever use the Gmail App, you will note that there is no option to delete bulk emails or all emails at once. And that’s what I am gonna teach you right now.

  1. Opening the Gmail App in Desktop Version

    Don’t worry; the Full-screen mode is the short name of the desktop version site, and if you want to delete bulk messages, you need to open the Gmail website in Chrome browser or whatever browser you use. Just tap on the three dots on the browser and tap on request to a desktop site. 

    Many underestimate your desktop versions, but this is helpful for all smartphone devices.

    Step 1: So open the Gmail website in the desktop version from Chrome or any browserdesktop site for gmail phone

  2. Click on Check Box to Select All Emails at Once

    After opening the Gmail website in the desktop version, you need to tap on the checkbox right above the primary email section. When you tap on that checkbox, it will check all the emails.
    And you can even select all your emails and delete them in one click. That’s what the power of the desktop version is. Step 2: Now tap on the checkbox right above the primary email section to select all the emails you want

    mark all and now delete bulk mails

  3. Tap on 3 Dots > Delete All Emails in Bulk

    Then, on the right side, you will see three dots, which is a compelling option. You can even get this on WhatsApp or Instagram browsers, which is valuable, so the point is just tapping on the three dots and then tapping the delete button.

    By typing in the delete buttons, it will ask you for a confirmation to delete all 50 emails. You can select all the emails you have received from the day you created your Gmail account.
    Step 3: Finally, tap on the three dots and then the delete button to delete your selected bulk emails.tap on delete button to delete gmail emails in bulk

Deleting Emails in Bulk Gmail App

Above I already showed you the in-depth guide you can follow to delete bulk emails from Gmail. You can easily follow it, but if you are in a hurry, you should read the procedure below. It’s just three points that will teach you how to delete bulk emails:

  1. Open Gmail’s website in Desktop mode
  2. Tap on the check box above the primary email section
  3. Now Tap on three dots > Delete marked emails 

This is a Stupendous way to delete bulk emails. You can use it and try it in any browser which supports the desktop mode option or you can see the desktop version of that particular website.

Honestly, this method is very underrated, and people don’t even try it, but if you want to delete the email, you get it. If you are worried about critical emails, then you should delete the unimportant email, or even you can add a label to them or even you can try to Mark all of them as read in Gmail.

To Delete Emails in Bulk Gmail Android/iOS video

Delete Emails in Bulk Gmail

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