To Delete Hidden Cache (and clear it)

To Delete hidden cache on any device. A Tutorial to clean the hidden cached data and files. 3 Ways to do so quickly.
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Hidden Cache is one of the most mysterious things you might hear on blogs or youtube videos, but here’s how to clear hidden cache or delete the hidden cache data quickly.

Today I’ll share all the steps and methods to delete the hidden cache data on android and even on another OS.

Let’s dive into the tutorial in BackDroid Style to clear the hidden cache data. To learn more about it, read here.

If you want to clear the hidden cache, you can restart the device a few times, using a third-party app (My recommendations below), or simply using the storage settings.

3 Ways to Clear hidden Cached Data

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Below we will list the top 3 ways to clear it; these are the most convenient methods, so let’s get started.

Method 1: Delete Hidden Cache Using Restart

Yes, you can clear it while restarting the device. Here’s what you need to do: Restart your device two or more consecutive times.

Restart Phone

When a device is restarted, it clears all the background running apps and all the hidden cached data in the background, and it will be cleared automatically while you restart your smartphone.

Method 2: Clear It Using Cleaner Applications

cleaning cache of all apps

There are tons of clearing apps available on the google play store, which have the sole purpose of cleaning the cached files and data, including hidden ones. Also read: Will Clearing Cache Delete Media Files, Passwords, Or Data?

You might think that if too many apps exist, which one should I install? Below are my top recommendations.

My Apps Recommendation to Clear It

Firstly, I trust Google more than anything, just like you. So, the recommendation of the first app is Files by Google, which was previously known as Files Go.

Secondly, I trust my childhood friend’s software, and in past years it has been available in the apk version too, named: CCleaner.

My recommendations are:

  1. Files by Google.
  2. CCleaner App.

Method 3: Deleting Hidden Cache Using The Device Settings

Here’s a way to clear the cache from the smartphone settings; it will be an easy step. Below is the procedure to follow: 

  1. Open the Device settings.
  2. Tap on the Apps.
  3. Select the app to clear the hidden cache.
  4. Tap on the storage there.
  5. Select the clear cache.

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To Clear All the Hidden Cache At Once using the Device Settings

To clear all at once then, here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the smartphone settings.
  • Tap on the Storage.
  • Select the cache.
  • Tap on clear to delete it.
Is it safe to delete hidden cache?

Generally speaking, yes it is safe to clear your hidden cache… When you clear your hidden cache, you are simply telling your smartphone to delete the temporary files that it has automatically downloaded in order to show you an app’s interface.


I hope you find the article helpful. We had written many articles on cache things, from clearing the regular cache to clearing the cache of Instagram and other apps.

Today I showed you all the steps and methods to clear or delete the hidden cache from a smartphone or any device. Have a nice day.

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