How to Delete Instagram Highlights – Instagram Highlight Remove

Do you want to delete Instagram highlights? And here is how to delete Instagram highlights and a detailed guide to easily delete Instagram highlights

Many people wanted to delete their Instagram highlights for particular reasons and if you want to do so then here is how to do it. 

So without talking any further, let’s dive into the actual tutorial from

How to Delete Highlights Instagram App

Below is the tutorial to delete ig highlights easily.

  • 1. Open the App

    First of all, open the Instagram app. 

  • 2. Tap on the profile

    Now tap on your profile to see all your profile highlights. 

  • 3. Choose the Highlight to delete

    Now choose any highlight that you want to delete. Now long type on that particular highlight for a few seconds. A new menu will appear where you have to tap on delete highlight. 

    Now confirm the action and the highlight has been deleted in seconds. 


So above is the method to delete Instagram highlights easily. 

But what if you want to delete any particular story from the highlight? How to do it? 

Come on, let’s see how to do it. 

Remove a Story Highlights from Instagram

To delete a particular story from Instagram highlights follow the below-given method. 

  • Open the Instagram app. 
  • Tap on the profile then tap on the highlight from which you want to delete one particular story. 
  • Now hold to that story then tap on three dots on the bottom right-hand corner. 
  • Now you will see an option to delete highlights that will only delete one page of a highlight or one story of a highlight. 

To Remove A Story from Insta Highlights

However, there is another method where you could uncheck all the Instagram stories to remove them from the highlight. To do it you need to tap on highlight and then tap on the bottom three dots and select edit highlight. 

A completely new menu will appear where you have to select for and check the stories that you want to remove from that Insta highlights. 

However, if you uncheck all these stories from the highlights and when you save them. Then the highlight will be automatically deleted because there is nothing to show in that highlight so that is why the highlight is being deleted. 

That is how you can delete a particular story from Instagram highlights. However, I also showed you how to delete entire highlights from Instagram. 

What happens when you delete a highlight on Instagram

Many of you might have in question what happens when you delete Instagram highlights, will they delete permanently or what will happen so below is the answer. 

When you delete Instagram highlights then the highlight will stop showing from your profile page. However, you can get into the settings and the story archives you will find out those stories and you can remake that highlight. Also Read: Ohh Gosh! Reset Instagram Explore Page Using this way; Easily!.

Instagram Highlights Delete: Conclusion

So even if you delete the Instagram highlight the stories that together make the highlight won’t be deleted they are stored in the stories archives of Instagram settings. 

So today I showed you how to delete Instagram highlights and also taught you how to remove story highlights from Instagram using this method you could remove a single story from an entire highlight. 

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