Delete WhatsApp Group: How to Delete a WhatsApp Group

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So this is the WhatsApp guide where I’m going to show you how to delete WhatsApp groups or delete a WhatsApp group permanently for everyone with this guide.

WhatsApp is the best app to communicate with your family and friends just by texting them. Sometimes we make Family and Friends groups even for our particular reason, and when the reason is completed, we forget about that WhatsApp group.

And also, today, I will solve all your problems, like how to delete a WhatsApp group without being an Admin.

How to delete WhatsApp Group

Here are three easy steps to help you delete any WhatsApp group quickly.

  • Open your WhatsApp and choose any Group
  • Group Info > Remove everyone
  • Exit the group > delete the group
WhatsApp group info
Choose any Group >Group Info
remove members from WhatsApp group
Remove all the participants from the group
delete any whatsapp group
Exit the group and then delete it

Delete any Group according to WhatsApp Officials

Delete a group

  1. Open the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group subject. Alternatively, swipe the group to the left in the Chats tab. Then tap More.
  2. Tap Delete Group > Delete Group.

Source: WhatsApp

This is the three-step process you can follow, which will help you permanently delete any WhatsApp group.

How to remove WhatsApp group members to delete a group

  • Open any WhatsApp group.
  • Go to the group info.
  • Scroll a bit down to the participant’s option.
  • Now Tap on any participant name and remove them.
remove members from WhatsApp group

Let me tell you one thing before you go anywhere: it’s, and we’re here to help you. We have a WhatsApp guide to help each and every person that uses WhatsApp. 

How to delete any WhatsApp group without being an Admin

  • Open any WhatsApp group that you want to delete
  • Go to group info just by tapping on the group name
  • Please scroll down to the bottom, click on the exit group, and confirm it.
  • When you exit the group, the delete group option will be unlocked, so you can delete it now.

How to delete multiple groups at the same time

Sometimes people add us in multiple groups that we find useless, so there is a way you can delete and exit multiple groups at the same time to save you time.

  • Long tap on any group, then selects all the groups.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right-hand side.
  • Click on the exit groups option to exit all your selected Whatsapp groups
  • Now again, select these groups. Now tap on the three dots > delete groups.
delete multiple groups

Disadvantages of not deleting WhatsApp group after use 

The group is left in your WhatsApp chats because all the chats are stored in your phone, and whenever the WhatsApp backup itself, it makes the file larger to load and restore.

Criteria to delete any WhatsApp group

Before you delete any WhatsApp group, these are the few things that you need to make happen.

  • You should be the admin of that group.
  • You should be the single admin of the group (no more admins).

If you have those two things, you can quickly delete any WhatsApp group.


So that’s it guys. This is the most miniature WhatsApp guide to deleting any WhatsApp group permanently. So today, I showed you how to delete WhatsApp groups permanently. 

I hope that this tutorial will help you a lot in deleting and exiting all of those groups that we no longer want to be participating of the group, or we don’t want to continue with that group then you can follow the steps to come out of those groups or to delete those WhatsApp groups.

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