Delete words from Dictionary Android: Remove from Keyboard Easily

Delete words from the Android dictionary. This article is completely based on how to delete any words from a dictionary on Android. 

If you have Saved any word on Android but now you want to delete a word from Android then this is the detailed guide on it. We are backdroid. We generally write about apps, games and tutorials. Let’s dive in. 

Delete words from Dictionary Android: Remove Words from Keyboard Easily

Below the complete procedure to delete words from Android if you have saved any word into the keyboard or in the Android personal dictionary here is how to delete words from Android dictionary. In some cases, you say that this tutorial is on deleting word shortcuts from Android. 

  • 1. Open Additional settings.

    The first step is to open the mobile settings. Then you need to get into the additional settings.

  • 2. Tap on Keyboard & Input Methods.

    Here select Keyboard & Input methods. After getting into the keyboard and input method you need to scroll down and tap on a personal dictionary. 

  • 3. Select any word to delete/remove.

    Here you will get all the words that you have saved into Android. Select any one of them that you want to delete. 

  • 4. Tap on Delete button.

    After selecting it on the top right-hand side there is a delete button tap on it and confirm the action to delete dictionary words from Android. 


That is the tutorial to delete words from the dictionary on any Android device. 

I hope you found this tutorial useful. If yes then make sure to let me know in the comment. 

Intresting Story About Pesonal Dictionary Android

One of these interesting things before you go let me tell you that. 

One of my friends Jennifer saved a codeword into the dictionary and the one-day father took the phone and wrote the word initials. 

Her dad starts typing FY and I hope you got what I am trying to say(you). 

Anyways, that’s it for the tutorial today I learned how to delete words from an Android dictionary. You can follow this step on any Android device. 

Is Personal Dictionary useful?

Adding shortcuts for words is very useful when it comes to today’s Era. Everyone is so busy typing and chatting. To save time, personal dictionaries on Android are very useful, and saving words on them is another great step that you did and now you want to delete. That’s completely fine. 

How to add or remove word from android dictionary?

To get into the personal dictionary settings you can go into the keyboard and input settings then tap on the personal dictionary in order to add a new word to the dictionary or to delete any existing word. 

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