Do Apple Airtags Work with Android? Exact Answer! | Best Airtag Alternatives For Android

Airtags on Android: Just imagine how it could be when Airtag is working on Android. In today’s article, I am going to show you the exact answer to doing airtags work with Android. And also share some alternatives to use on Android. Yes, Best Airtag alternative for Android.

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Apple recently launched their Airtags which you can track from anywhere on this planet. Now there are more Android users than compared to iOS so many people have these questions like do airtag work on Android? or how to use airtag on Android. These are the main terms that have been searched overall on the search engines. 

So let me come straight to the point and answer your question. 

Do Airtags Work with Android?

Do Airtags Work with Android

No, Apple airtags do not work with Android. Airtags cannot connect Android devices with Airtags, and you can’t track Apple airtag with an Android device. However, you can check the airtags serial number using an NFC on Android, which might be available on most Android smartphones.

Airtags only works on iPhones, and they cannot be connected to Android devices. YOu cannot use the Apple Airtags with android.

Can Airtag Connect to Android?

So that’s all I have to say on Apple airtags work with Android because Airtags by apple does not work on Android. There are a few limitations when it comes to the operating system. Only Apple’s iPhones support Airtag tracking.

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Best Airtag Alternatives For Android Devices

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Apple Airtags Android

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Many YouTube videos claim you can use an Airtag with an Android but they all are false. So that’s what I am trying to do, to provide you with accurate information on the topic of Android Airtag.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker

Cube Tag

Apple Airtag Incident

This question was asked by one of my close friends who came to me and told me that. Hey, I recently bought Apple Airtag from Amazon. please tell me how to connect it with Android? 

After researching, I found that the airtag does not work with Android smartphones. However, you can check the serial number & check information to disable Apple’s Airtag on Android. This can only be possible when you have an NFC on your Android, as most Samsung smartphones have. You just have to touch the airtag onto the phone back. Where the NFC is then, it will automatically prompt a web page that will tell you its serial number and about the apple airtag.

Q: Can Samsung Detect AirTag?

Ans: No Samsung phones cannot track Apple’s air tag because airtags solely work on iPhones only till now. However, you can know the Airtag’s serial number but you cannot track it with the Samsung device.

Q: Can android detect Airtag?

Ans: No, Airtags aren’t made for Android devices. Hence you can’t use them on an android smartphone. But here are some best alternatives for Apple’s airtag to replace it.

Q: How to detect airtag with Android?

Ans: The only way to detect airtag on android is by NFC, but this will only show you the serial number of the airtag but still, you can’t track it.

Q: How to set up an airtag on Android?

Ans: You cannot set up airtag on android because it’s incompatible with this OS. It only works on iOS devices such as; Mac book, iPad, and iPhones.

Q: Airtag android app?

Ans: There’s no app on the play store to use airtag on android yet.


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