Do Phone Ring on Do not Disturb (DND)? Silent, Airplane mode

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You might use do not disturb on your smartphone? And guess what? You are just curious about: “do phone ring on do not disturb” them because you don’t want to miss an important call. 

I appreciate your curiosity. Every genius is born with it. Let’s dive into the answer.

Basically, I tried and tested it out many times because my phone generally switches to the do not disturb mode at 9:00 p.m. automatically. This article is part of Question & Answers page.

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Do Phone Ring On Do Not Disturb (DND)

Whenever the do not disturb mode is on your phone won’t ring. In other words, whenever your phone is in DND mode you won’t be able to hear the ring. Because your phone will never ring and do not disturb mode on any smartphone or any operating system.

DND mode

Something very uncommon about; Phone Ring & DND Mode

Below I’m sharing one of the instances that happened to me, not just one time even more than that. 

Recently one of my friends Ajay is offering me to become the CEO of one of his startups. At 10 o’clock when I looked at my phone screen I saw there were 6 missed calls by Ajay.

And the very next day I called him and he offered me the position of CEO of a growing startup. And guess what? do not disturb mode, your phone won’t ring. 

do not disturb mode exception

I bet. you don’t know this: “Will The Alarm Ring On Do Disturb Mode?” Many people are also curious about the same query and the same mode called DND. 

What is do not disturb mode or so-called DND? 

Do not disturb mode is basically if we are functioning in most smartphones in which the phone won’t ring, the alarm won’t work. The whole agenda of this DND mode is to keep you away from the distractions and the disturbance that happens. 

So whenever the DND is on you can’t hear the phone ringing. 

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FAQs on Phone Call & DND

Answering few questions that were still not solved.

Does the phone ring when on airplane mode?

Aeroplane mode on and off

No, when airplane mode is on the phone does not ring. This is because when the airplane mode is turned on your phone is not connected with the telecom operator so in that way you can’t call anyone or even can’t receive the calls so your phone won’t ring when airplane mode is on. On airplane mode you’re disconnected from the network/signal in that order you can’t call anyone nor receive.

Does the phone ring when you are blocked?

Whenever someone blocks you they can’t hear your call and can’t hear whether their phone is ringing. That is because they blocked you and in that way they can only see after your call has ended. They can only see a notification like “missed call from X person you blocked”. 

Calls i recevied on Do not disturb

So I am attaching a few screenshots because I have recently blocked all the telecom operators that usually promote their plans on new services using the IVR or by calling me. 

Does the phone ring when blocked?

So whenever they receive calls, my phone doesn’t even ring and doesn’t even show me notifications. In some cases whenever I get into the phone dialler app I could see that a block number has recently called me. 

Does the phone ring on silent? 

No, whenever the phone is on silent mode the phone will never ring. However, you can choose the person so even when your phone is on silent you can hear their calls ringing. 

Why does my phone ring in silent mode?

There are few people on smartphones where the phone rings even in the silent mode that could usually happen due to a bug or an internal error. To fix the Android phone ringing on silent mode you have to restart the device a few times and clear all the data from the phone’s dialer app, not the contact. 

I hope you found this article useful. Today I just answered your question: Do phones ring when DND is turned on and we talk about both operating systems like on android and IOS (iphones). 

So let me summarise in the end. Your phone will not ring whenever your Android or iOS smartphone is in do not disturb mode. 

That’s all from my side. I am Kunal Kashyap the founder of and today I answer your question in very depth using a few instances that happened to me.

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