Do Fast Charging Apps Work? (A Myth or a Fact)

Life speaks the language of speed. Everyone wants to do things quickly. Be it their day-to-day lifestyle or anything related to their mobile device.

Quick charging is a feature the majority of the masses look for before buying. Nowadays, almost every android device provides it. Even better is that you do not have to choose expensive device options to enjoy this benefit. Even smartphones under 20,000 have this specification.

Although it is possible that your android might have a slow charging issue, even this problem has a solution – fast charging apps.

Why Do We Need Fast Charging Apps?

Ongoing running apps in the background of your phone can use up all your phone battery. When charging, your phone will keep running your GPS, mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or whatever apps you were using in the background.

More running apps will create an issue of slowing down your phone. Your phone battery is going to be affected. You will start seeing the system processes run slower and the battery draining quicker.

Optimizing your phone’s battery every time is time-consuming. This is when fast charging apps come in handy. They help by saving your battery’s life and reducing charging time.

How Fast Charging Apps Work?

When you search for fast charging apps on the Google Playstore, you will get millions of options. All are free to use, and they all come with a claim to deliver the best. But how do they work?

These apps aim at making your phone charge at a faster rate. So rather than increasing your phone’s processor, they work on disabling battery-draining apps. This includes lowering brightness, turning off mobile data/Wi-Fi and GPS.

They optimize your phone by turning off the data used by apps in the background. These apps do not directly charge your device’s internal system; instead, they just make sure that apps in the background do not kill your battery life faster.

Do Fast Charging Apps Really Work?

Yes, they do work, but you will not see a drastic change. The speed of charging at which your android was built in will not change noticeably.

As mentioned earlier, these apps do not affect your mobile’s internal processes, but they work on killing the background apps that take up its battery. This might make you think, what if my device itself does not support fast charging?

Why Shouldn’t You Use Fast Charging Apps?

Do you have older versions of android phones? Is your device not built for fast charging? Then, you should know why fast charging apps are not recommended.

These apps can only shut down power-consuming applications in the background. This is something you can do on your own. Of course, they help you save time, but that’s all it delivers.

What’s better than this is to know the root cause of why your gadget is draining quicker than it should. Why is it charging slower than usual? It will be a considerably better solution than installing an external application if you can resolve the problem.

Avoid Quick Charging Apps for Good?

Before installing any apps, think to yourself, is it delivering you anything extraordinary? Something you cannot achieve? Is it something you cannot do on your own?

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You can easily switch off the GPS, turn mobile data/Wi-Fi off your phone on your own most of the time. Installing another app for doing the bare minimum is only going to consume your phone’s storage space.

People who have slow charging issues leave their phones in charge for the entire night. Overnight charging is not recommended. One trick to use for faster android charging is switching off or keeping your phone on Airplane Mode.

Bottom Line

Now you know what these apps do, you might have concluded. All these apps offer is something you can manually do. It is not impossible or unachievable.

Yes, they do work, but the change will be nothing drastic. You will see some effect, but nothing too much. It will be your call, so choose according to what you feel will be okay.

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