Download Apps to SD Card! Here’s the Easiest Way to do it

Here's How to download apps to sd card directly. Learn to move the downloaded apps to sd card or on memory card.
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How to download apps to SD card – Two ways to download apps directly to SD card. If you are the person who is always looking for downloading your apps directly into an SD card. To free up space in the internal storage full or we generally tend to not want to use internal storage to Store apps on it. 

Today this tutorial will help you on moving apps to SD cards or you can say downloading apps to SD cards directly. On that note let’s get into the car and enjoy the ride and this tutorial has everything that you need to know about downloading apps to an SD card.

Believe me or not this tutorial is just for you and I guarantee that this will be helpful for you. And before that, you need to understand what an SD card is. An SD card is a chip that helps us to expand our device storage or you can say it can store any kind of files in it. Nowadays many smartphones are coming which don’t even need an SD card.

2 Ways to Download Apps to SD card

In this tutorial, two ways will help you to move apps to SD card OR directly download apps sd card.

  • The Settings
  • Me Developer 

I know names are a little weird but I am sure that you’re gonna love this tutorial so let’s move to the actual guide.

The Settings Guide to Download Apps to SD Card 

Many people are always looking to download their apps directly to SD Card. The first question which stumbled in our mind is, is it possible? No, it is not possible to directly download apps to an SD card from Play Store because Play Store only installs apps on your internal storage that means you need to move the App manually to the SD card.

So now what can we do? We can perform manual actions that will help you to move your big apps or big games to the memory card.

To download apps in SD card OR to move the big games to SD card perform these tasks which are given below

  • Firstly, Open Mobile Settings.
  • Here find the Apps section
  • Then Tap on the app or game that you want to move. 
  • On the App storage, there’s an option to move the app to external storage
  • So tap on change > Sd card.

Just by performing, you can move your downloaded apps to Memory Card.


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The Developer – option to forcefully move all the downloaded apps to SD card 

As you already know you can’t directly download an app to an SD card from Play Store because the play store doesn’t support this kind of extremely advanced feature. So there is an option that you can do that will save more storage or it will make your internal storage a little bit free from the big apps and games. 

For this you need to surf into developer mode and I know it’s a bit advanced but I am here to guide you. You can trust me like your brother or your friend.

To forcefully move apps to external storage so-called SD card, Read the below are the procedures: 

  • First of all open mobile settings
  • Second, you need to get into the about phone and where you have to take 15 times on build number 
  • And just by tapping on it, you will unlock it, developers mode. now get into the developers more just by pressing the back button and you will see a developer option, tap on it.
  • In the developer, options scroll down to the bottom and you will find force apps to store on external storage just under the sun and you can store all your Apps on an SD card
build number in settings

move apps to sd card or memory card

This is how you can Store Apps on a Memory card forcefully. This thing can be worked on most Android devices but if you have a device from which came from realme so it won’t work and maybe more companies like this don’t support these kinds of features like moving the installed apps to SD cards.

Do you know the origin of realme? If not you can read it here but as I already said to you it really doesn’t support a moving feature but if you have a smartphone from Samsung or Xiaomi then you can easily perform this task just by getting into the storage option of any app and there is an option to change the installed location of the app. You can move it into external storage or internal.

Here’s a Pro-tip for you that will help you somewhere at some point.

PRO TIP for Storage

To run your smartphone smoothly in the long run then you should store fewer files on the internal storage. Just store the apps for a few images but don’t fill up the whole internal storage because it’s like the brain. If your brain is full of trash then there will be confusion between picking files and moving files. That’s why I always try a free spaces in internal storage that will lead to the fast performance of your smartphone. 


That’s it for today’s guide. Today I showed you how to download apps to an SD card that will save a lot of internal storage which leads to faster performance. I hope the student will be helpful for you if it is then let me know in the comments if you have any queries and don’t forget to come and I would love to see your comments below and I will respond to them. 

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