Edit Instagram Comments Easily: Here’s How to Edit it! 2022

Edit Instagram Comments: Before moving on to the tutorial, read this actual situation, which embarrassed me a lot. 

I recently wrote a comment for one of my friends who achieved 500k followers! And I was writing that “luck plays a great role.” But suddenly, when I start writing, something distracts me, and I write F instead of L. Also, read FW, Meaning Instagram.

To Edit Instagram Comment 2022

It was an embarrassing moment for me at the time, even though he was one of my closest friends.  

I hope you didn’t make mistakes like me. But anyway, in this tutorial, I will teach you how to edit Instagram comments you made on your friends or your following accounts. 

Below is the actual tutorial for editing Instagram comments that you recently made. 

How to Edit Comments On Instagram – Easily

Let’s be honest; Instagram doesn’t allow users to edit comments. However, there is a way to fix the mistakes you made in Instagram comments, which are given below. 

Few websites on the internet tell you to do this and do that, but I recommend you to. If you made an insane mistake, then make sure to delete your comment and come and pack; otherwise, you can use the below technique. Also read: Here’s Exactly! How to See What Posts You’ve Liked on Instagram?

  • Move on to the post where you commented.
  • Look for your comment and tap on reply. 
  • Before starting, use the at-risk sign (*) and correct your mistakes.
tap on edit Instagram comment
Step 1; Tap on View All Comments
editing comment on instagram
Step 2: Delete/Edit Comment

If you don’t want to delete that comment and still like to correct it, then that’s the only way to reply to your comment using risk and correct the mistake. That is the way you can edit Instagram comments. 

However, if you made mistakes like me, where I replaced the l with f, you need to delete the comment as soon as possible before the person sees it.

By the way, this website is dedicated to Instagram, in particular. Generally, talk about Instagram tutorials, FAQs, and other Instagram-related queries

I hope you don’t make mistakes in our website comment section. Make sure to comment on something ridiculous that I haven’t seen before. By the way, do not copy each other’s comments below. So, show your moves. 

That’s it for Today. Today I showed you how to edit comments on Instagram or edit Instagram comments; make sure to show your moves in the comment section below. Have fun! The whole section is waiting for you!

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