3 Ways to Fix Emergency calls only; Reasons & Solutions

Learn; Why does my phone says emergency calls only. The Actual Reasons for; Emergency Calls Only. Even fix it with; 4 Easy steps.
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Emergency Calls Only Android 2022 Fix: This is one of the most faced errors by Android users. Anyone who owns a smartphone has gone through this phase. Probably you will be thinking, why does my phone say emergency calls only. In this tutorial, I promise that I will solve it if your Handset’s SIM shows emergency calls only.

These are some of the tried and tested methods. A few years back when I faced this error I cried because at that time I didn’t know how to fix it. 

emergency calls only android fix

So in today’s article, I am gonna teach you How to Fix it if your Phone says Emergency Calls only. And the reason behind why is your phone saying only emergency calls.

The Actual Reason: Why Does Your Phone Says Emergency Calls Only?

Here is the complete list of the reasons which could be happening on your phone. And creating an error for you. At this point, you can’t make calls and SMS. 

Why Does Your Phone Says Emergency Calls Only
  • The network is gone for some reason
  • SIM is not working properly 
  • Misconfiguration in SIM card & Network settings 

These are the top reasons behind only emergency call errors. Only 5% of the total people who read this one I read the solutions for it. 

Let’s quickly move on to these solutions or how to fix only emergency call errors. Four easy methods. 

Let’s Fix: Emergency Calls Only Android 

Above I already mentioned the reasons why your phone says only emergency calls. With this error, you can’t make any calls or connect to the internet using your sim card. Every Android user has gone from this face.

I know how it feels when you can’t make calls and if you are dependent on your sim card and you can’t even connect to the internet I know how it feels. That’s why I created this guide and its backdroid.com. a website where you will get tutorials, the best apps, and games. 

1. Network Problem with Operators 

Most people are using networks like Airtel, T-Mobile, etc. But the reason behind emergency calls could only be a network issue from your service provider’s side. Nowadays, it is very common, like recently in US Tmobile was down just for a minute.

And the same thing happened with Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp being down for 6 hours

So call your service provider from another sim card from another phone and tell them that you are not getting a signal. Before that, don’t forget to follow the other steps. Step number one is to fix the emergency calls only error, and you should move on to step number 2.

3. Re-insert SIM Card 

Suppose you have recently changed your sim card or removed your sim card & reinserted it. Then this could be the reason why Android says only emergency calls.

Probably you have inserted the SIM card in the wrong way so that you are not getting any signal. And simultaneously, you can’t make calls, and your device says emergency calls only.

So remove your SIM then reinsert it after cleaning it from a cotton piece. Cleaning is very important when it comes to Android and do you know that your Smartphone has more Bacteria than your toilet.  

On the bacteria note let’s move on to the third and actionable step. 

3. Misconfiguration / Recently Changed Settings 

There are few Tech Geeks available out there in the world like me who always surf their setting whenever they are free. When I got my first smartphone the whole day, I was just finding some useful things in mobile settings.

And I still remember when I turned on TalkBack on Android I was crying because I don’t know how to fix it and even what happened to my phone. Every time I click on some apps it will just speak back or talk back the app name. 

Ok, so let’s come back to the point. So to fix any misconfiguration or if you recently changed anything in your sim card settings, you should follow this.

You should reset your network settings if you want to fix emergency calls only errors. After reading this post, many people reset their network settings and found the network is back. Now they can easily make calls and connect to the internet.

Ok, so there are still some things that you need to ensure. Many people forget these things, but these are necessary if your network is gone and you have only emergency calls.

Here is the complete list of the tasks or the things you need to ensure whether they are perfect. 

  • Change the network type to 4G to 3G, 3G to 4G. 
  • Check if you have changed your network settings.

Quick Fix: If Your phone says emergency calls only then use these 7 steps

If you are facing emergency calls only on smartphones like Samsung, realme, oppo, Vivo, one plus, etc. Then you should follow these Quick Fixes. Many Samsung users are saying: “Samsung emergency calls only solution.” But they didn’t find it. That’s why here is the ultimate fix that you should try once. 

  1. Turn on and off your airplane mode.
  2. Get into safe mode and then come back to normal mode.
  3. Restart your smartphone twice.
  4. Insert any other sim.
    • Insert the current sim into another smartphone
  5. You can reset your network settings
  6. Go into an open place where you can get network
  7. Ask your Network provider about this.

These are some methods that I would recommend if you read the whole post and still this error exists then you should try it out. 

I hope you like this tutorial. Today l mentioned some actionable steps to fix emergency calls only errors. You can try this on Samsung or any smartphone which runs on the Android operating system.

Let me know in the comments if you have any queries only 0.01% of people will share their experience when they face this error. 

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