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Probably you have a few questions in your mind about whether texting uses data, how much data does it consume? Do Texting Apps use data? Then hold on, Today, I have all the answers for your questions which are 99.7% correct and this is not 100% correct because the answer varies on the device.

It’s Backdroid. Today I am gonna show you how much data texting uses. And all other questions which are in your head. 

Yes, Texting does use data Only if you are using an app like WhatsApp, Facebook but if you are using your default messaging app and you have a valid plan to send messages then it won’t consume any data. In short, texting does not use data only if you are sending SMS and have a valid plan to send messages.

data used in Texting

Even here are my stats that you can see. I have been using WhatsApp on my primary phone since last year (2020 October) and till now I have sent more than 3000 messages and received more than 6000 messages. And guess what? I have only consumed 11 MB. Can you imagine how small this number is texting from one year and still it spends only 11 MB sending and receiving those texts.

If you only send and receive Texts, then you can Text up to 10000 messages in 11-15 MBs. If you are using WhatsApp for any messaging app, you can send as much text as possible and the data consumption is not that high because you are just sending the messages whose size is in bytes.  

If you are using messaging apps like WhatsApp then the data consumes about 15 to 20 MB data maximum in one year. Which is equal to more than 10000 messages. 

I also shared my WhatsApp stats and I have been using WhatsApp for the past year without deleting or clearing the chats.

If you are sending Pictures on messages then probability will use 600KB to 1.5 MB per message. And if you’re sending text + any image then the data used by this message would be only 1.6 MB.

The data consumption on sending images and pictures in messages just depends on the picture size and the optimization of that image. Suppose if you are using any messaging app like WhatsApp, it automatically decreases the original quality to make it sendable faster.

Even though the picture size could be 1MB to 5MB but generally the picture size is around 1-3 MB in most of the Android devices and if you send that picture using messages then it would consume 5MBs Max. 

Yes, texting Apps do use data and consume around 150MB every month. Here we are only talking about texting apps like WhatsApp. In my case, the data usage is around 211.2 MB in the last 6 Months! That’s because I don’t use WhatsApp that much. I generally use file transfer apps to transfer all the media files like images and videos etc. 

Instagram and Facebook are texting apps but they are more than texting apps. You can upload pictures and upload reels to get lots of likes & followers. It’s like a community where people can interact with each other but WhatsApp is only a texting app where you can only text the person you know. 


So that’s it guys this is how much data does texting consume and how much data does texting apps consume there is a lot of difference between texting and messaging. We generally tend to text anyone using any texting messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other apps but SMS is the thing that we do on the default Messenger app like messages. 

I hope this article will be helpful for you and if you found something really interesting let me know in the comments if you like this article.

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