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The Best Farming Games for Android • Offline • Simulator • High Graphics • Budget phones friendly • Download.
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Smartphones made our life too easy, and we can enjoy farming with our smartphones without even moving from one place to another. You can enjoy everything like cleaning and tending to livestock, plowing, planting and harvesting crops, tractor driving, and other general handiwork.

Farming games are games that can relax the mind and can help us to increase productivity. If you are a farm game lover looking for the best farming games for your Android device, I have some good news today.

7 Best Offline Farming Games for Android

Today I will show you those 7 Games for Android that you can play on your Android device, most of which are free.

Only for you, I will attach all the Gameplay videos with these games. So in that way, You can choose the best farming game.

1. Farm day Village Farming Offline

Farm day Village Farming

If you are finding an offline game that suits your needs, then this is the one that you can play offline. 


This is a fantastic game if you want to spend your time. Even when I tried this game, I spent around half an hour. You want some of my friends to play this game for hours or two.

So overall, it’s an excellent farming game you can try on your Android device. And also, this game came under 100 MB. It is around 69 MB, which means you will save a lot of space.

On that note, let’s move on to the second game on our game list.

2. FarmVille 2: Country escape 

FarmVille 2 Country escape game

FarmVille 2 is a popular farming game with over 50 million downloads. Even though this game is not that big, it is around 146 MB. 


This game has everything you want: fun planting crops, raising animals, plowing, harvesting, tractor driving, etc. 

This is a fantastic game if you are looking for an overall Farming simulator for android. I love this game so far, but honestly speaking, there are some ads, and if you want to double your coins, you have to watch ads.

On that note, let’s move on to our third game. Also Try: Best offline games for Android

3. Big Farmer

Big Farmer Offline farming game

If you want to become a prominent farmer, want to grow crops, and want to do everything that a farmer does, then this is an excellent pharming game.


This game has more than 160 thousand reviews, which means it has a 4.33-star rating.

It is a game that all farm lovers should have, and the opinions might be different compared to yours and mine, but these differences make the world. The world has different types of people with different mentalities. 

But this is not a comparison post; it lists the top 7 farming games. Compare it yourself and see which game suits you the best.

4. Blocky Farm 

Blocky farm

The blocky farm is one of the most awesome-looking farming games I have ever seen because it is based on blocks. 


The game is super cute and has fantastic graphics and overall reasonable control. 

When I installed this game on my smartphone, I realized it has the cutest graphics I have ever played. When I played Minecraft and then installed it after a few months, I thought this game was just for you guys, and I realized this is something similar to Minecraft, the graphics and all, but overall the cute game.

Do you know which are the most popular farming games amongst others? If not, let me show you our next game on the list, which has more than a hundred million downloads, so yeah, you can say this is one of the most popular games listed on most YouTube videos and websites.

5. Hay day 

Hay day farming game android

Hay day is one of the great farming games that every farm lover should have and must try. This game has more than 12 million reviews and over a hundred million-plus downloads. That’s insane. 


When I tried this game on my Android smartphone, the experience was a bit cool. Everything looked so friendly, and the graphics were decent. Even though this game contains ads, and this point disappoints me a bit, overall, looking at the graphics of this farming game and the plus point that we are getting in this game, then it’s alright.

On that note, let’s move on to our next game on the list, Minecraft. In Minecraft, everything is just blocked; the men are made from blocks, the chickens and the pigs are made from blocks(square), and trees are made from blocks, and the exact concept came with the next game of best farming games.

6. Family Farm Seaside

Family farming seaside game

Family Farm Seaside is an adventurous farming game, and also it is a fun simulation game. You can raise farm animals and build your own house and your farmhouse, grow your crops, plant trees to whatever you want to.


Honestly speaking, this is an excellent farming simulator for Android. I recommend this game if you are always looking for a fantastic game with decent graphics. Because this game has everything that you are probably looking for.

This game is around a hundred MB. That means it is a fantastic game under a hundred MB. However, this game has 50 million downloads with a 4.3-star rating.

7. Real Farm

real farm game screenshot from google play store

The actual farm gives the satisfying experience of playing, farming, and getting rewarded. While looking for this list, we found this while updating the article for 2024.

It has some new features, such as interacting with other users (chatting, sending gifts, and helping their farms to grow). Moreover, there’s direct selling of your items and seeds, and even you can make fertilizer, soil, and seedlings.

Also, the bonus feature is the actual weather! In a broader sense, it gives you the weather derived from real locations that you have selected in the game.



So that’s it for today, guys. Today I showed you the six best farming games you should play on your Android device and for everyone. There are basic things like how to harvest their crop, plant trees, ride text tractors, etc. Check out More Games Here.

Let me know your thoughts on which game you can try or which you feel you want to install on your device. Let me know in the comments. I would love to see your comments below.

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