Best-Fastest Browser Android 2021: Definitely you will Forget 5G

Today I’m going to show you “10 Best and Fastest Browsers for Android 2021” which you can use as your Default browser, that will give you a super fast speed while browsing or downloading anything from the internet.

There are a million of Browser apps available on Google Play Store.

But here is the Truth

Most of the browsers are not fast enough for surfing and also for downloading files from the internet.

Because these browsers are tested by our team in different countries and in different devices, but they performed very well on every device.

A browser is an app that is used to access the internet. The most common browser apps titles on the market are: Google’s Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Puffin, and Opera.

10 Best Fastest Browsers for Android 2021

best browser for android fast

Before I start note that all of these browsers are tested by our team in various devices, on various networks\Wi-Fi, By those results we mentioned here 10 fastest browsers for android that you can use in 2021.

1. Puffin Browser: Fastest browser app 2021

Puffin web browser is developed by Cloudmosa and believe me it is the lightest weight and fast browser. This browser app comes with many features like Data saving, coloured theme, Speed rendering, desktops sites etc…

Puffin browser for android

These features of this browser made me happy

  • Save our bandwidth
  • Cloud Protection
  • Virtual trackpad or gamepad
  • Theatre mode for videos and games  


  • Sometimes Reconnect a ton of time
  • Bugs like blank pages etc.

Download this app from Google Play Store

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2. Chrome Browser: Best Browser app for android 2021

Google Chrome is a web browser used by  many people. It has more than 5000000+ Downloads. It was a stunning browser by google. There are lots of features that can help you like; smart recommendations, Sync chrome, protects your phone with safe browsing, build in google translates, faster downloading. 

Google Chrome web browser fast and secure

Every time when I have to suggest anyone a Browser  for their android I always suggest Google Chrome because it gives tons of options to do it in. I loved this app because it is fast And efficient. 

Chrome never disappointed me. This is the best browser with the fastest download speed.


  • Incognito mode
  • Manage multiple tab openings
  • Faster page loading speed
  • Password manager
  • QR code scanner


Sometimes it crashes on low end devices

Download this app from Google Play Store

3. Opera browser with free VPN- Fastest Browser for 2021

Open is a fast and safe web browser which helps you to save your internet data while browsing on your smartphone. This browser gave you features like: Free build in-VPN, Fastest Downloading feature, breaking news feeds and many more. 

opera browser for android fastest

I just loved this app. The immersive experience that the browser gives was just amazing, I have used this browser for around 3 months there is no issue in this and also used this browser app on a Low-end device but still the experience with this browser is amazing.


Too many bugs

Downloading sometimes won’t work 

Download this app from Google Play Store

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4. Firefox Browser: fast, private and safe web browser

I Haven’t used a browser for a long time but still I can say that the web browser app won’t disappoint you because it is much faster than Opera because it is easy to use, customizable and a private browser app. There is a bonus feature of add-ons like you can install extensions in Firefox. 

Firefox browser Faster loading

Firefox browser will make your experience using the web more secure and a lot faster.

Download this app from Google Play Store

5. Phoenix Browser – Video downloader, Private & Safe Browser

Phoenix web browser is the best and free browser for android that you can use for free with a quick video downloading feature, WhatsApp status downloader plugin, faster browsing etc. 

Phoenix browser lightweight browser app

This Browser app is just 7 MB! 

There are features that you will not find in any other browser app example: No picture mode, Speed dial, file manager, junk files cleaner

Means there is lots of potential in this app.


  • With the latest updates I can’t load or open the types of documents: Doc, Docx, PPT without internet
  • Constantly crashes, doesn’t load pages, lots of pop ups

Download this browser app from Google Play Store

6. Pando Browser – Adblock, Superfast browser

This is the best browser for android that Ihave encountered. This app has the ability to save webpages and also to change the search engine very fast without going into deeper settings.

Pando a new browser app for android

Pando browser is for android only & It gives perfect speed for downloading files and browsing on the internet. 


Too many popup ads

Download this app from Google Play Store

7. Brave Browser: Fast and safest web browsing app 2021

Using a brave browser for a couple of weeks, the experience of using this app is amazing. The interface, loading speed, extensions are mind-blowing. This browser app supports very popular search engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo, even Duck duck go). 

Brave private browser

If you value your security and your internet data then this browser is for you and will  be best for your android device. 

Features that you might love: PROS

  • Fast and the most secure web browser for android 
  • It saves your battery and your data
  • Https everywhere
  • Dark mode

Brave private browsers give you the best experience while browsing the web and best for all android phones.

Download this Most secure browser from Google Play Store

8. Microsoft Edge – Perfect browser for Microsoft’s fans (2021)

Back when I was using Microsoft Edge on my pc when I found this browser by Microsoft on play store, I was curious about this because I wanted to know how it works, how it looks.

Microsoft edge - Microsoft own's browser for android

Then I went to the play store and downloaded Edge browser. 

The First experience while using this browser was awful! I can’t express myself. It’s just like using an internet explorer….

This android browser app runs faster, smoother, kinder to my battery, less buggy and glitchy than Chrome. Tab window is set out well opting for a grid over chrome’s windows, making it easier to keep on top of multiple tabs and choosing or closing them far easier


  • Get rewarded when we use bing
  • Ad Blocker
  • Sync across your devices

Download this Browser app from Google Play Store

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9. Samsung Internet Browser – For android users

This browser is really tough to beat, Not a Bad browser at all because when you use this for the first time this browser will load web pages faster and also the layout and UI is fabulous. This browser loads websites faster than opera because it blocks third party scripts.

samsung browser fastest browser

SIM browser is pre-installed in Samsung phones.


  • Smart anti-tracking
  • Multi tab manager
  • Protected web browsing

Download this from Google Play Store

10. Kiwi Browser – Fastest Browser for Android 2021

When I installed kiwi browser for the first time on my device the experience is as similar as Google Chrome, It is just a polish of its competitor. The best thing about this app is Extensions support which are missing in most of the browsers..

Kiwi browser


  •  You do not need Messenger, messaging works on Facebook website
  • Best ad blocker
  • Bottom address bar
  • Block annoying notification
  • Translation into 50+ languages

Download this from Google Play Store

These are the Fastest browser for Android that you can use for free, In other words Best android browser free 

Now That’s it for today guys, I hope you got the best fastest browser for your device,

Here is what to do next…

Which browser did you like best?

My personal favourite is Google Chrome because it has everything; smart recommendations, Sync chrome, protects your phone with safe browsing, build in google translates, faster downloading

  • Incognito mode
  • Manage multiple tab openings
  • Faster page loading speed
  • Password manager
  • QR code scanner

Let me Know in the comments below……

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