Exactly How to Find Contacts on Instagram 2022 – Easiest Method!

Maybe near contact lists, there are few people whom you wanted to connect with on Instagram but you can’t find their Instagram username. 

For this Instagram gives a feature called “Contact Syncing” which generally shows us all the Instagram users in our contacts. 

This is very useful. I use this technique to connect with my 3-year-old friend whose number is being deactivated but still, his Instagram ID is being made from that number so it’s been easier for me to connect with him and to wish him on his birthday. Also read: Instagram helper.

To Find Contacts on Instagram 2022

So in today’s article, I am gonna teach you how to find contact on Instagram. Using this method can help you to check all your contacts’ Instagram ID and you can even follow them if you want to. 

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Let’s get started with the tutorial. 

How to Find Contact on Instagram Guide

The tutorial that you need when you want to find contacts on Instagram for discovering people through your contacts on Instagram. This is the exact method to find Instagram of your contacts. 

  • 1. Tap on your profile then Menu

    In the first term, you need to tap on your profile and then tap on the three lines on the top right-hand side. Doing this will bring the menu up from the downside where you will get multiple options. 

  • 2. Select Discover People In the Menu

    Now in the settings, you need to tap on the “Discover people” to get into the Instagram contact discover menu. 

  • 3. Allow Contact Access Permission to Instagram

    Now it will ask you for permission to allow access to your contacts to find contacts on Instagram. Give Instagram access to contact. 


In a few minutes Instagram will sync all your contacts and let you know all the Instagram accounts that were made using your contact phone number, isn’t it amazing? Just like this screenshot that I showed you, all of them are from my contacts but I don’t prefer to follow them. 

Because as a college student there are a lot of people that the teacher told us to add into WhatsApp groups so I need to save the numbers. That’s why I said that. However, it is kind of beneficial if you have all the mobile numbers of boys and girls in your college. By the way, I never misuse it. 

That is how you can find contacts on Instagram if you didn’t get the settings of contact syncing then below is the thing that you could follow to turn on contact syncing

How to Turn On Contact Syncing On Instagram

So when you move back into the discover people menu you will find all your contacts there. 

contact syncing instagram
  • Open Instagram settings.
  • In the settings tab on the account. 
  • In the account settings tap on contact synchronisation so-called contact syncing. 
  • Turn this on to sync all your contacts and to find your contact’s accounts on Instagram. 

I hope that you found this article useful. If yes then make sure to share it as I already requested. 

Now it’s totally up to you but anyways today I showed you how to find contacts on Instagram or how to find Instagram accounts of contacts that are saved in your mobile. 

That’s it for Today’s tutorial. Have fun and have a nice day. 

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