Fix Flashlight Not Working; Real Reason Why Flashlight is Not Working

Flashlight not working could be problematic. And always remember it is hard to uphold the existing device stage where there are no errors on it and the same thing applies to life. 

why won't my flashlight turn on

Once in a while, everyone confronts this problem when the flashlight is not working on the Smartphone. In today’s article, I am gonna show you how to fix the flashlight not working with a few solutions that more than 108 people have tried and worked on. 

Before moving on to the tutorial You need to understand which thing is causing this error and why the flashlight is not working. This could be due to Software and hardware errors. Most of the Flashlights Won’t Turn on because of software errors that cause the flashlight not to turn on issues. Now let’s fix it. 

Fixing Flashlight Not Working with 6 Easy Solutions 

Here you wanna get 6 easy ways that could help you to fix your flashlight not turning on.

Let’s start with step number one which is: 

1. Giving New Mind 

As we already know flashlights won’t turn on mostly caused by software errors OR bugs. And to fix your software you need to update your existing software to the latest version if available. One of my uncles also did the same thing. When their smartphone was lagging too much, they couldn’t even use it properly. They are not updating this software just because they are not tech-savvy. 

Update your phone software to fix not working flashlight led

What I learned from it is don’t fear making mistakes, so update your software now if there is some possibility that could fix your flashlight, and it will start working again.

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On that note let’s move on to the second step to fix my flashlight not working. 

2. Resetting Some Settings (Safely) 

I know when I say resetting settings everyone feels trepidation. Because for the person who is not tech-savvy, it is a bit complicated to reset it but believe me or not this could fix your problem and work for one of my friends, Sujas. 

By resetting phone settings you can fix the flashlight that won’t turn on issues. Resetting the phone settings is completely safe; it won’t delete any of your data. To reset settings and order to make the flashlight work again. 

How to Reset System Settings Only:- 

Reset settings to fix flashlight
  • Open Cell Phone Settings 
  • Scroll down > Tap on Additional Settings.
  • Here Tap on Backup & Reset > Reset System Settings. 

3. Clearing Existing Data of Camera 


As we all know, the camera app is one of the apps which we use at night in order to store some precious memory in a gallery. 

And also if you notice that mostly we use flashlights from cameras to take pictures properly to get additional lighting on a photo or reason could be anything. 

Although by clearing the cache data of the default camera app can make the flashlight work again. 

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Clearing Cache of Camera App 

Clear cache of Camera App
  • Open mobile settings
  • Find apps and Tap on the app list
  • Here you have to find your default camera app tap on it
  • Select Storage in Camera App Settings > Clear Cache. 

4. Installing Additional Flashlight App 

If you are thinking about why your flashlight is not working this could probably be due to software errors or hardware errors. And mostly software errors are the real culprit. 

If you’re thinking “why is my flashlight not working” then you could install an additional flashlight which would help you in the worst situation. Although you will get some additional features like SOS LIGHT, Flashlight alerts on call, and many more.

5. Restarting Phone to Make Flashlight Working 

Restart Phone

In most of my articles or the tutorials articles I generally told one thing which is restarting the phone to fix any kind of problem. There is no kind of trepidation to do so. 

Even in the movie skyscrapers, the hero said restarting can fix all the problems. So there is no harm in restarting your phone when the flashlight is not working. 

6. Uninstall Any Recently Installed App 

In the era of technology, everyone is finding new apps and new games for their smartphones. There are lots of custom themes and custom ROMS are available. Sometimes you find something good and install it and sometimes that thing creates more issues than anything. 

If you recently installed any app or any paid to downloaded free from the internet then uninstall it right now. 

Because these apps are generally updated by the developer to make them available for free of cost to all the people but there is a catch. Which is when you download these apps and games there is a possibility that could ruin your privacy.

That’s it for the tutorial. This is how you can fix a flashlight not working or the flashlight turns on instantly by following the actionable steps that I showed you in this article.

Why is My Flashlight Not Working

Once in a while, everyone confronts this flashlight not working issue. The main cause behind this is not updating the software, existing and the old cache data, a bug on your operating system. These are some main causes why the flashlight is not working. 

Final Words on Flashlight Won’t Turn On!

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I genuinely wanted to help you and don’t forget to bookmark our website which is where you can get the best how-to tutorials and although on the other hand, you will get the best apps for android, best games, and some more informative stuff.

Today I mentioned six easy-to-follow steps to fix the flashlight. If it is not working then you should read this tutorial from start to end. If it is still not working then you should contact any repair center near you because this could be a hardware problem. 

That’s it for the tutorial and I hope you share this with your friend whose flashlight is not working :D. 

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