How to Fix Google Chrome Not Loading Pages

To fix Google Chrome app not loading pages. Or if the website and links keep loading on chrome, here are proven solutions. Quick Ways to Fix.
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Is Android Chrome Not Loading Pages or not opening any web pages? In some cases, Chrome doesn’t load an entire web page; it keeps loading while rendering the page.

Today’s article will discuss why Chrome is not loading pages and How to fix google chrome not loading web pages on any device, including Android and iOS.

All we need from you is, You should be a Google Chrome app user.

Let’s dive into BackDroid style.

How To Fix Chrome Not Loading Pages

chrome loading pages and site slowly and sometimes not loading

Below are proven ways to ensure it fixes the chrome webpage not loading.

1. Restart App and Restart Chrome

When it’s about troubleshooting, you should always try the first thing: RESTART. It sounds more superficial, but that is what matters.

Restart Phone

You can fix chrome pages that are not loading by restarting.

Here’s what to do: Remove all tabs from the chrome app, even from the special one, the incognito tab.

And then, remove the chrome app from the background and restart your device.

In most cases, this would solve the problem, but if not in your case, then try the next step.

2. Switch To Standard Browsing

In most devices, including yours, sometimes Google Chrome shifts itself to essential protection and sometimes to enhanced protection.

But what’s wrong with it?

Basically, when you changed these safe browsing settings, it would not load some web pages, or some websites would not load on Chrome.

That’s why when Chrome is not loading any page, switch these settings to standard or turn it off.

Now How to Switch It:

  • Open the chrome app.
  • Get into app settings.
  • Here tap on privacy and security.
  • Now select safe browsing.
  • At this point, tap on standard or No protection.
privacy and security settings of google chrome app
Step 1
Google chrome safe browsing settings which includes standard protection, no protection and enhanced protection
Step 2

3. Check the Internet Connection Once

You must check the internet connection while using the Google Chrome app, even when everything is going right. Often things went wrong, which caused these Google Chrome issues.

check internet connection smartphone

By the way, you won’t be surprised if I say: I am using Dark Mode on Google Chrome.

4. Update Google Chrome App

As you find chrome apps not loading sites and pages, do a straightforward thing, update the google chrome app.

Google chrome app update from google play store screenshot

Now you might notice because of newer updates. Chrome can load pages and websites faster than before. You would find the difference by yourself.

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5. Enable Standard Preload

Here’s one technical thing, when google partners branches like AMP sites serve web pages, this makes them faster.

When standard preloading is enabled, you might find that when you search anything using the app, it shows you results as it usually does, but it reduces load times when you tap on any web results.

Just like you did to this.

Now How to enable standard preload on chrome app:

  • Open chrome app settings.
  • Tap on privacy and settings.
  • Tap on preload.
  • Select standard preload there.

6. Clear Google Chrome App Cache

When the cached data of google chrome app is being cleared or ‘deleted,’ it frequently decreases web page load time.

smartphone cache data is clearing and being deleted

Load time means the time taken to download and show a page on your screen.

We have a detailed guide on deleting google chrome cache and video too.

Try This When Your Device Is Older Than 2 Years

backdroid hacks tips

Okay, Okay, OK, If your smartphone or tablet is older than a couple of years, this could be the best piece of advice you have ever heard.

  • Move the chrome app to internal storage. It helps the app run faster and improves web page opening speed. Read also: How to Fix Android Lag.
  • Open fewer tabs while using Google chrome when multiple tabs are running. It would destroy the loading speed of other pages. It is because RAM is occupied at its most capacity by many open chrome tabs.
  • Enable 4X MSAA from Enabled developer settings because when developer settings are disabled, your smartphone won’t show the menu.

These are my favorite tips which we noted as BackDroid Hack. Now it’s time to find the real culprit of why Chrome is not loading sites and web pages.

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Why Does Chrome App Not Load Any WebPage?

this way with a mobile

There are always multiple reasons, including safe browsing protection being on the top, the second main reason being multiple tabs simultaneously, and the third, DNS and Internet settings. Yes, Network and internet settings are resettable.

But we gather all the frequent reasons most users suffer from, and they don’t even know about it. Check below:

  • Excess of tabs opened on Chrome app.
  • Keeping unnecessary tabs in the background while using the app.
  • Excess of stored, cached data, and hidden cache data.
  • Misconfigured DNS settings.
  • Using the enhanced protection in Chrome safe browsing settings.
  • Misconfigured APN settings or Network settings.

Above I showed all the reasons why it is happening and especially showed how to fix Chrome not loading anything, including; pages, sites, web pages, and links.

The above-shown list is a type of Question and Answer thing we did for almost every how-to article.


I hope I will be able to add some value to you and troubleshoot this chrome app issue.

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