6 Killer ways to Fix Google Photos not showing all photos

An Easy guide to fix google photos not showing all photos! This happens on almost every smartphone. Here's how I fixed it with these 6 actionable steps.
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Google photos not showing all your images, then probably it’s the fault of your smartphone and the App. Here is how you can fix Google photos not showing all photos in it

One more thing, You won’t regret after reading this guide to fix the photos app not showing photos.

This also happens with me when I click five great selfies of all time tomorrow. After that, I got into the Google Photos App and looked for those photos to upload on Instagram, but I didn’t find all of them. Even though there are no photos in the google photos app…

Here is what happened: If you are also going through the same face, you can probably fix it by following the five simple and easy steps. This can help you with missing photos, pictures not showing in galleries, etc.

How to Fix Google Photos Not Showing All Photos; 6 Easy Ways

Google Photos not showing photos ~ FIXED

This article contains six applicable procedures or baby steps to Fix the Google Photos app if it’s not showing photos or photos are missing in the App.

1. Check Storage permission Or ReEnable it.

check and reenable

If Google photos are not showing any of your photos, it’s due to the storage permission that made this happen. 

3o clock midnight, I opened the App. I edited my image using the application but found that the App was not showcasing any of the images or videos.

Before that, At 2o clock, I used the Cleaning App, which boosts the smartphone performance. Just by running it, the Cleaning App ruined the Photos app.

Sometimes while cleaning or boosting the performance of a device, we forget that the permission to access the site (internal and external) is removed.

The Google Photos app doesn’t have the most required permission to access your phone storage and show photos to you.

How to Enable Storage Permission for Google Photos app on Android

Photos app storage permission

So, you have to enable the storage requirement from the setting.

  1. Open the app settings.
  2. Select the Photos App.
  3. Tap on permission there.
  4. In this menu, tap on storage.
  5. Then Tap on Allowed, Done.

2. Clear Google Photos Cache

clear data of app

The second and one of the basic steps is to clear the cache of the Google photos App below. I am linking how to clean the cache of the Google Photos App. You can follow the instructions in the steps.

After clearing the cached data, you might start seeing all your missing photos.

Now here is what you can do. Secondly, the first and second steps didn’t work out for you.

3. Restart the device

Restart Phone

A bug or a few internal errors could occur when you cannot find images in the Google Photos App. Then you probably need to restart your device.

This is one of the things that I tried when I lost my five greatest selfies of all time. Why greatest selfies? Because I am not a selfie or photoholic person who clicks many photos.

So, restart the device to Fix the Google Photos not showing photos.

4. Check for the Updates

phone updates

A loop of bugs is a very uncommon thing. Suppose you are stuck in a loop of bugs which sometimes results in the Apps crashing repeatedly. If you face this error very often, then changes might be…

You haven’t updated your Photos App by Google.

4.1. Reinstall the App.

Even when you update the App, it will not load the photos, then UNINSTALL THE APP.

google photos app

DONT: Don’t worry because it won’t delete any of your images and pictures. Because those photos are in storage, App is a medium to access them.

After uninstalling, do a restart and re-download the App.

5. Check Photos in the Archive

My friend also encountered that, and I got to know him from Quora, he said to me.”

“Bro, if you have to fix the Google photos not showing them, you have to look into the Archive folder because once all my photos get into the archive.”

How to check and Unarchive photos in the Google Photos app

Google Photos app archive
  1. Open the Photos App.
  2. Tap on the library.
  3. Then select the Folder of the Archive.
  4. Now press and hold on photos, select all.
  5. Tap on the three dots on the right and select unarchive.

6. Force Stop and Re-Open

You have to force stop the Photos app by google. Force stop allows you to French the files from your storage directly because sometimes they are so-called ‘BUGS” on the phone, automatically disables the previously allowed permissions.

So, Force Stop the App from Setting and then reopen it normally.

reopen the app

Attention: Force stopping won’t delete any of your files, photos & videos. Also, read; What Reset Network Settings do Android & iOS.

These are the few steps you could easily follow on any Android device on which photos are missing on the Google Photos App.

How Do I Know All these? Because, As you can see in the screenshots, I have to edit and save it. So, I have to use the Google Photos app every day.

I encountered errors and fixed them myself, then made the tutorials.

If you have tried all the above waves and nothing is working for you, this is probably one of the golden apples that could help you.

Use Any other Photos or the gallery app, Check the SD card or Update the device software.

Many people tried and tested all these steps; Some techniques I developed myself by experimenting and failing. Moreover, People love these tricks. In our case, people find Fix photos apps not showing photos useful. This is a How to Article.

BONUS: Try this to Fix the Google Photos app not showing Photos

So, You might have less time to go through all the steps and fix the photos App, right?

Here’s the best thing you can do!

Install any other Photos viewer or Gallery app that helps you navigate your images and videos. Use the File manager to find out the images.

Why are Google Photos not showing photos?

why google photos not showing all photos

Google Photos is not showing photos because the app may encounter a bug or the storage access permission is disabled. If the photos app is not working, To fix it, restart the device a few times or reinstall the app.

Other than that, we already shared the steps that you might apply and kill the error.

That’s all from my side, and I hope you find it useful. And believe me, you won’t regret coming here.

Today I showed you how to fix the Google Photos app not working or detecting images and videos your phone contains. I hope it helps you. Have a nice day.

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