HotSpot Not Working On Your Phone? Here Are The Best Fixes To Try

Personal Hotspot can get really annoying sometimes when it won’t trun on/work. Here are the best fixes to try when hotspot not working on your Android or iPhone.

Hotspot Not Working: Maybe you are facing this issue on your Android device. Many people ask me Why my hotspot is not working and how to fix it. So that’s why today I am writing this. There are a few reasons why your hotspot is not working. And today I have the solution that you can implement to solve that problem permanently

Many people don’t Google it. But you did it. You came here, thanks :D.

Without taking any more seconds, let’s dive into the actual tutorial. I will teach you the 3+1 actionable steps that you can follow to make your hotspot start working again. This article will also solve all your queries about Hotspot not working, Hotspot not showing/connecting, etc. So make sure to read it completely. It only takes 4 minutes. 

Why Is My Hotspot Not Working? 

There are many reasons behind this but mainly there are few of them.

  • Recent settings change
  • The problem with the configuration of the hotspot

These are the few main reasons behind the hotspot not showing or working. 

Let’s quickly move on to the solution and the techniques that you need to follow. 

Easy Methods to Fix Personal Hotspot Not Working 

Above I already mentioned all the main reasons why you are facing a problem with your mobile hotspot. However, many people ignore if they are facing a problem rather than solving it. That’s why this is an easy-to-follow guide. For your convenience. 

So below are the actionable steps that are easy to perform and will fix all the problems with the portable hotspot not working. 

1. Change the Band 

Have you ever got into the settings of a personal mobile hotspot? Then probably you might know what I am talking about. But if you don’t know, let’s see what is the band in personal hotspots. 

change the band of mobile hotspot

Every mobile has a personal hotspot and we have to configure that to set a new password and below a few settings, you will see a band option which is 2.4 GHz or 5 points something GHz. Which is the band? The speed of how fast your connection will be.

So what you need to do is to just configure your hotspot settings and change the band if it is 2.4 GHz then switch it to 5 and if it is 5 GHz then switch it back to 2.4 GHz. Easy right?. 

On that note let’s move on to the second step that you should get into action. 

2. Turn On and Off This  

Aeroplane mode on and off

As we all know every smartphone has an airplane mode, even if you won’t travel from one place to another using flight. 

There are tons of advantages of airplane mode on most Android devices. It is given by the company right for personal use. 

Now you don’t need to ask: my hotspot is not working etc. Because you just have to turn on the aeroplane mode and then turn it back on. To make your mobile hotspot start working again.

3. Restarting May Cure Hostspot Not Working 

Restart Phone

Many times people would solve all of the problems just by restarting the device.

Moreover, this is an actual working technique that most people follow up on whenever they get any problem or face any problem with their mobile.

And if your hotspot is not working then you should also try this. Because this method is very efficient and effective, just restart your smartphone. Then see what happens. Your smartphone’s hotspot will start working back. 

Even in a skyscraper movie, The Rock also said “restarting can fix all the tech-related problems”. 

I hope restarting your mobile phone will help you. 

Ultimate Method to Fix Hotspot Not Working/Showing 

Above I already showed 3 easy steps that everyone can follow. But nowhere is the ultimate method or the technique that is unknown for most people. Even for most of my friends.

Now let’s see how to fix if the hotspot is not working or the hotspot is not showing with this ultimate method for all the Android devices out there in the market. 

Personal Hotspot Not Working Fix – Easy Solutions

Reset network settings to fix hotspot not working

To fix the hotspot not working. get into the settings > backup and reset > scroll down and tap on reset network settings > reset network settings to make your hotspot start working again. 

This is one of the insane methods that I recommend to everyone whose phone says no SIM or whose mobile hotspot stopped working. 

Even many people tried this on this Smartphone. One of my friends whose name is coax has also gone through these steps. And he said to me hey dude Kunal! Why didn’t you tell me the steps? And I said if you ask me then I would show you how to do it but you didn’t. 

Hopefully, this works on most Android smartphones. Like Samsung, oppo, Vivo, realme, xiaomi. Hopefully, it will work for you. 

Final Words

I hope you like this tutorial. Today Showed the easy ways that every human can follow. To fix all the hotspot-related issues like hotspot-not-working. Moreover, I will give you the exact reason why your wifi-hotspot won’t working. 

And that’s it, remember is the ultimate source for all the Android stuff. Like today’s tutorial.

Let me know in the comments which steps you can try First and I would recommend you to try the ultimate step. This step works on all Android smartphones because it will reset your changed network settings with Wi-Fi, hotspot, APN Etc. Which will make your hotspot start working back. 

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