Free fire Lag Fix: 5 Easy steps for Permanent solution

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Fire fire Lag: Have you ever encountered situations where enemies just arrive and squads are rushing? Then all of a sudden the Free fire lags!

I know how it feels!! I could relate to that movement, Where enemies are all around you & free fire starts lagging or fire fire frame drops.

And today in this post I am gonna show you how to fix lag in free fire or can say how to fix lag in free fire in 2GB RAM / 3GB RAM etc.

Free fire is one of the games that I like to play on my midrange Smartphone but sometimes it starts lagging. Then the we should fix the lag in free fire wether it’s 1GB, 2Gb, 3GB or whatever ram you have, It will work on all the Devices.

Remember that I am not going to show you things like: “clear the cache of your device” or those kinds of tips but I will give you the most unique ways to fix lag in free fire.

Why is Garena Free Fire Lagging?

Behind the lag of Free Fire there are many reasons but mainly there are three reasons which I’m considering according to my experience: 

  • You have a Mid range Smartphone like me.
  • Unstable Network 
  • Battery 

Above three are the main reason behind lag in free fire.

How to Fix Lag in Free Fire (2GB/3GB) | 5 Unique Methods to Reduce Lag Free Fire

I tried the exact settings on the 13 phones and results were incredible each and every phone got a boost in their performance around 16%.

let’s move on to the best ways to fix lag in free fire: 

1. Skins Stop: Fix lag in free fire

Stop using skins to fix lag in free fire

Free fire skins that we all like to have in our inventory. In fact there are tons and tons of skins available in the free fire. 

If you are a free fire player then you know that there are hundreds of skins available in the games and there are thousands of players who play this game.

Let me explain you(MUST READ): like if you and I am playing the free fire and we came into the same match I have different-different kinds of bag skins, character, gun skin and you also have different kinds of skins and whenever we met each other as an enemy in the game.

Then the game will load those Skins and it will increase the load on your device and your Internet.

This is the main reason behind the free fire lag if you want to fix it, don’t use any skins in the game and don’t download any kind of resource pack which includes so many skins.

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2. The Battery

5 ways to fix lag in free fire

You might probably don’t know what the “the battery” formula is, right? 

The Battery: we all like to play this game and I also play free fire but it’s ok. At that time I used to play this game for several hours without charging my phone even though my phone battery went down to 10%.

Always remember that whenever your battery goes down your performance simultaneously goes down. Have you ever experienced when your phone is fully charged your performance increases by 12% but when you phone is below 50% then the performance will reduce a bit. 

Tip: Here is a quick tip for you to fix lag in free fire. Play Free fire when your battery is above 50% if it goes down try to charge your phone or you can play after sometime. Also read: PUBG Lag Fixing guide.

3. Setting Stable Network to Fix Lag Free Fire

How to play free fire without lag

A stable network connection is very necessary when you are playing an online game like free fire. If your network is unstable the player will also be unstable.

If you are not getting a stable network for you can see the internet speed then you can go with APN settings now here I am linking the which can increase your internet speed and can make your internet connection more stable than ever before.

 4. Reboot

Rebooting is a thing which can increase your processing speed and also can fix the lekin free fire whether you are using a 2GB ram smartphone or 3GB ram smartphone.

What does reboot actually do?

When you reboot your smartphone then there is some kind of Hidden cache of background apps which are always running in the background which can be cleared.

Tip: Reboot / Restart your phone before playing free fire or restart it multiple times in a week.

By using this technique you can Play Free fire without lag.

5. Moving Internal – To Fix Lag in Garena Free Fire

Sometimes we all try to install apps and games on the external storage also called “SD card” but moving an app or a game to SD card doesn’t make your phone much faster.

If you have transferred your free fire into the SD card then don’t do this transfer it back to internal storage.

Here is the explanation: If there is any game which is installed on your internal storage game will run 10 times faster than the SD card. Thinking about how to do that here is the help: How to Move app to Internal storage.

Conclusion on Fix lag in Free Fire

So here I show you the top 5 ways to fix lag in your free fire game whether you are using a 2GB ram smartphone or you are using a 3GB ram smartphone. These are the main reasons why a game lags. There are hundreds of ways(Clear Cache etc..) to fix lag in free fire but these are the main ones.

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