Fix lag in pubg mobile

How to Fix Lag in Pubg Mobile – Definitive Guide

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How to Fix Lag in Pubg Mobile – The Definitive Guide

By Kunal’sGK Updated on 3 June 2020

In this Post I’m Gonna Show you the EXACTLY “How to Fix Lag in Pubg Mobile” & “How to Reduce Ping in pubg mobile

In Fact these are the Exact Ways that I used to fix my lag in pubg mobile and also to get low ping .

So, if you want to play a Smooth gameplay without any lag then you will love this Pubg Mobile Guide.

Why is PUBG mobile so laggy?

The lag during game play could be caused by various reasons. If the network you’re on is via a router, splitter, wi-fi or mobile phone tethering, and Some times because of Not Cleaning our phones Storage etc. If you’re using a router, try updating to latest firmware. Some routers may require DMZ settings for smooth gaming experiences.

I Find Some Ways to Fix your Pubg Mobile Lag Permanently.These are tried and tested by Ace,Crown, Conqueror Level Players,They Found That there Lag Reduces Significantly.

According to our Case Study we Found That , when pmis player use these ways there, they seen a Significant Boost in there Gameplay: The fps Chart of those 1027 Players

Players Reviews on Our Trick to fix lag

#1)Fix Lag in Pubg Mobile

1)Free Up Storage

Clearing your cache frees up space on your phone, but it may not make a dent if you have a lot of junk apps, or tons of pictures and videos. Having full storage slows down your phone. If your Android is slowing down, you need to clear out some space.

Free some space to reduce lag

2) Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

How to get Uninstall unwanted apps on your Android device

Open up Settings on your device and go to Apps.

Find an app you want to remove (in this case Samsung Health) and tap on it.

You will see two buttons: Force stop or Disable (or Uninstall)

Tap Disable.

Select Yes/Disable.

You’ll see the app gets Uninstalled

3)Enable 4XMSAA & Decrease Animation Scale to 0.5

By activating Force 4x MSAA setting in Android Developer Options, you can enjoy a better gaming performance. It forces your phone to use 4x multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL 2.0 games and apps. However, enabling this setting can drain your smartphone’s battery faster.

Just go to the Developer Options screen and enable the Force 4x MSAA option. This will force Android to use 4x multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and other apps. This requires more graphics power and will probably drain your battery a bit faster, but it will improve image quality in some games.

4)Use Game Booster to Get Lag free Game

Flash dog help you to improve your Pubg Mobile game without lag

Game boosters work in increasing the FPS but they can help you with so much more. These apps will help you get a great gaming experience on your Android device. If you don’t have a game booster built in on your device. Then you must download these apps as soon as possible.         

 Fix lag in PUBG MOBILE in 2gb ram

5)Clear Cache

In the short term, clearing cache helps you save storage space on your phone. But this is a temporary solution, since new cache files are created every time you use apps. Sometimes, old cache files can become corrupted. When this happens, apps can start experiencing problems.

Clear Cache to get a smooth gameplay in 2gb

6)Stop Background Apps

The Apps which Runs in Background can Take Your Ram Memory and Can Load On Processor,This will heat up your Processor which means Pubg Gonna Start Lagging.

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Stop Background Apps to get more space for pubg

7) Disable Battery Optimization

How to Off?

Android 8. x and Higher

From a Home screen, swipe up or down to access apps screen then navigate: Settings > Apps.

Tap the Menu icon. (upper-right) then tap Special access.

Tap Optimize battery usage.

Tap the Dropdown menu. (at the top) then tap All.

If preferred, tap the app switch(es) to turn on or off .

8)Block Notification

If you Noticed when we play Pubg then Suddenly a Message came and Pubg Mobile Start Lagging Suddenly.This is Because Messages Loads using Internet to Show you These Message.

°Go to settings

° Go to Apps

Go to apps

°Go to Social Media Apps(Whatsapp, Instagram,Youtube, Facebook)

Choose any social media app to block notification

°Go on Notification

°Now Block All the Notification

Pubg Mobile lag fix by blocking notification

9)Turn Off Unnecessary Services

Its a Main Step Because If the Services are On so it will Work in Background and increase your lag so turn Off all the unnecessary Services like:

•Auto update

10) Install Pubg on Internal not on External

When you Install Pubg Mobile on SD card It will become choppy because it is an External Drive which only increases your Storage,So Install Pubg On Internal Memory.

install pubg mobile in internal storage

Pubg Mobile Game settings to fix the lag issue

11)Use Third Party Apps

Many Third Party Apps are Available on Playstore Like- GFXtool,PGT+,Flash Dog etc.

12)Use Right Graphics Settings

You have to see what’s Your Graphics if ‘Balanced-High’ is your Maximum Graphics so you can Set ‘Smooth-ultra,High’ It Will Definitely Gonna Reduce Your Pubg Mobile Lag.

13) Repair or Reinstall

You can Repair your Pubg Mobile or Reinstall it, Because Sometimes Pubg Downloaded many Trash and cache files.

Repair pubg mobile with this

14) Disable Mic when Not Needed

Mic Helps in Communicate with Teammates but there Voice takes Internet to Play there Voice.

15)Stop Using Skins

Skins are the one of the worst thing in pubg because when we use any skins it takes rendering,so game become choppy and starts Sutter Lag.

#2)Fix High ping in pubg mobile

How to reduce high ping in pubg mobile

Now Let’s talk about “How to reduce High Ping or how to get Low ping in pubg mobile”.

Each and Every player needs Low ping so here are the ways of it

Tried And Tested Ways to Reduce High Ping

I am using these methods. I never get Ping more than 90, and average Ping endures between 60-90, even sometimes it goes up to 20 also. These were some unbelievable results that I got when I used these ways to decrease Ping.

Now First We Talk About Ping:

What is ping:

Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. … Ping measures the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer that are echoed back to the source.

What’s a good ping?

An acceptable ping is around the 40ms-60ms mark or lower. A speed of over 100ms shows a noticeable delay and over 170 some games will reject your connection entirely. If you have, say a 10ms ping (0.01 seconds), your gameplay will seem faster and smoother than playing with 100ms, for example.

Player needs Low ping so here are the ways of it:

 1.Block All Social Media Notification for Ping

If you Noticed when we play Pubg then Suddenly a Message came and Ping Suddenly Increase this is Because Messages Loads using Internet to Show you These Message.

°Go to settings

° Go to Apps

Low ping

°Go to Social Media Apps(Whatsapp, Instagram,Youtube, Facebook)


°Go on Notification

Reduce Ping

°Now Block All the Notification

Reduce ping

2.Report Pubg Mobile Developers

 can click on the report button when you are in-game. while getting high ping to click on Error reconnecting and send the report to try it again and again after some time or days there will be an update of 2~8 And your ping will be Okay Again

Pubg ping fix

3. Turn Off Auto Update

If you still have a problem then also check that all the background app are cleared and stop auto download of google play and auto-download in background

4. Google Speed Test

If the problem continues then do a speed test on google and see what is your ping/ms if it is high then try to do complain to that network or Just change the network to a different Operator

*Remember that no App Helps in reduce in ping*

Pubg Mobile

5.Stop Background Apps

 Another way to fix ping in PUBG Mobile is to stop background syncing of apps manually. You can do so on any Android device by opening Settings and going to Apps. Here, select the suspicious app and tap on “Restrict data usage”. Now, uncheck “WLAN\WiFi” and “Mobile data” both.

6. Use Native Game Booster

If you are using a Xiaomi device, you can enable Game Turbo settings on your smartphone under the Mi Security app. And if you are using a OnePlus device, you can enable Gaming Mode by following Settings -> Utilities -> Gaming Mode. Similarly, devices from other OEMs have different strokes of settings so go through your Settings page and you would find something like gaming mode.

In case, your device does not have a dedicated game booster, you can download the Game Booster app from the Play Store and it should fix ping in PUBG mobile.

7. Try Third-party Tools

If the above steps didn’t reduce ping in PUBG Mobile then you can try some third-party tools. GFX Tool is quite a popular app among smartphone gamers and you can use it to lower the ping while playing games. Change the following settings for low-latency PUBG gaming: graphics to 720p, rendering quality to medium or low, disable shadows and light effects and lastly, enable GPU optimization. This should bring down ping in PUBG.

You can also use another app called Mobile Gaming Ping to reduce latency. The app can improve the server-client connection with a one-tap button.

8. Change Server

Sometimes due to heavy load, PUBG servers can’t keep up with multiple requests and that leads to a higher ping rates. So, you can simply change the server in PUBG Mobile and see if ping is dropping below 100. Besides that, you can also use a VPN which will connect you to a different server. I have tested the Turbo VPN and it’s among the best free VPNs out there with excellent response time. So, install the VPN and change the location to your own country and try playing PUBG. You should have a lower ping this time.

Pubg mobile Server

9. Manage Space

If your smartphone storage is full and there are some space constraints, you should clean up your device for enabling smooth gameplay. There are many apps which create GBs of cache memory even if you don’t use those often. So, go to Settings and open Apps and then clean the cache memory of suspicious apps. It should hopefully result in better ping in PUBG Mobile.

10. Repair PUBG

If everything fails, you can always repair PUBG using the inbuilt settings. On the login screen, tap the “Repair” button and it will re-install PUBG from scratch. However, do note that it will reset all your gaming configurations and custom controls. Nevertheless, it should significantly reduce ping while playing Pubg Mobile.

Lag fix

I Fixed My High Ping Using these Method If You also Reduced Ping in Pubg,So Don’t Forget to Share With your Friends.
For extra Information

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Here is What to Do Next..

Which Method/Ways you like most for your pubg mobile gameplay?

Hurry up! People are commenting you can also, You can give any suggestions or any Doubts let me know in the comments section below.

By using these ways I Fixed Lag in Pubg Mobile,You can Also use these ways to Fix Your Lag/Shutter/Choppy Gameplay Into a Smooth Gameplay. What do you think ? Which Way You gonna Try First & Which is best for you? Leave your advice and comments below.

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