10+ Ways to Gplay Store not Downloading Apps

Know here: Why you can't download apps and How to fix apps not downloading from the Google Play Store.
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Can’t Download Apps from Google Play Store? And today, I will show you How to Fix If Google Play Store is not downloading apps and why it is happening on your Android.

This is a common issue that most people get on their Android devices. Many people suffer from this, but I will show you why this is happening and how to fix it.

Let’s Learn to fix the Google play downloading issues and errors in Backdroid style.

If Google Play cannot download apps or shows pending, chances are it can be fixed by Updating the play store app or clearing Google play’s cached data files. There might be an app update in the background. Sometimes it is due to the Internet not working, low signal, or battery.

If nothing works, report the bug to the developers. Or lastly, reboot the smartphone from safe mode.

Reasons Why you can’t Download Apps from Play Store

There might be many factors if you are looking at why this is happening with your device. Even this issue happened to me a year back when I tried downloading GTA-like games, I tapped on the install button, and the download wasn’t starting or getting stopped. Stop thinking about Why you Can’t Download Apps and see the reasons.

Why can't I download apps on Google Play Store
  • The incompatibility or A Bug.
  • Old data might be the reason.
  • Sometimes other apps can also be behind this error.
  • Maybe it needs a Refreshment.
  • Or the Play store wants an update.

Hold on! Before you go to the play store and try to download things, don’t forget to read the fixes because more than 737 people attempted and emailed us that their errors got fixed by reading our tutorials.

Above I showed you why the Play Store app is not downloading apps. Now let’s move on to how you can fix the play store – apps not downloading.

5 Easy Steps to Fix Apps not Downloading from Google Playstore

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Thousands of users are facing this issue and want to fix their Play Store because most of the time they start downloading any app or game, the download is stuck or won’t download. That’s why I have the five easy and practical steps you can follow to fix this error.

Here is the five easy steps breakdown that will help you to fix all the downloading issues with your Google Play Store

Step 1: Restoring the old version

Many people tried this, and this method works for most Android devices. If you want to fix all the issues with Google Play Store, you need to restore the old version, which means you need to uninstall the most recent and latest update of the Google Play Store

Remove latest version of play store

How to uninstall updates of the Play Store: 

  • Open Mobile Settings.
  • Apps > Select Play Store.
  • Tap on the Three dots in Top Right Corner. 
  • Now Tap on Uninstall Update.

By tapping on uninstall updates, you can uninstall the most recent version of the Google Play store, which is downloaded automatically.

Step 2: Clear Cache & Data of Play Store

If you have been facing any downloading issues with Play Store for a long time and you have tried the above step, you need to follow the second step, clearing the cache and Data of the Play Store. 

clear data and cache of play store

In the play store, tons of images and icons of the app are stored offline on your device, so whenever you open the Play Store, it won’t download again to show you. That’s how the app creates cache memory in our devices. 

And sometimes, when we remove the cache & data files, the app works perfectly because there might be some bug in it, which will be cleared by clearing the cache and data, so you should remove the cache and data from the Play Store.

Step 3: Uninstall any recently installed app

If you are using Play Store and installed an app recently, then you should try to uninstall that app. Sometimes this creates an issue with Play Store. If you have also downloaded any app from third-party sites or platforms, try uninstalling it and downloading any app from Play Store again. Check here: Is Uptodown Safe? Exact Answer Uptodown.com safe or not!.

Why uninstall recently installed Apps? Because sometimes, when you download or install any app from third-party websites, some viruses or bugs might cause an issue with the Play Store.

Step 4: Give it Refreshment. 

Here is the harsh truth about us when we buy a smartphone for the first time, we care for it like a baby. After six months or after a year, we don’t care about it.

Every person needs refreshments like sleep or a nap, which also applies to smartphones. Even smartphones need a restart every week. Also, you can try to Restart your Phone Without Using Power Button.

Restart Phone

Do you know that? Restarting your phone several times a week can increase your device performance by 18 to 23%. So if any issue is caused in your mobile, restart the device and see if the problem can be fixed or not.

Step 5: Update the play store

As you already know, in the first step, we uninstalled Google Play Store’s most recent update. After following the above four steps, you must update to the latest Google Play Store version. 

update google play store

Why is it important? It is essential because installing the latest version of the Play Store will give you more security enhancement and additional features like scanning apps and updating and categorizing sections for reviews and ratings.

To update the Play Store, follow the below procedure

  • Tap on your Profile.
  • Then Settings > About.
  • At this point, Tap On Play Store version.
  • It will start downloading automatically.

10 Quick Fixes for Google Play downloading issues

  1. Uninstall Updates of Play Store.
  2. Clear the Cache & Data.
  3. Remove any recently installed apps.
  4. Restart your Device.
  5. Update Play Store.
  6. Check your Network Connection.
  7. See if any other App is downloading.
  8. Turn on and off the Aeroplane mode. 
  9. Get into Safe Mode (and get back).
  10. Download from third-party sites.


Today I showed you Why you Can’t Download Apps from Google Play Store and the reasons behind apps not downloading from Play Store. 

And the complete tutorial on How to Fix If Apps are Not Downloading from Google Play Store. I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you and will help you to fix all the issues with it. 

If you still have any queries, let me know in the comments. I would love to see your comments below. It’s Backdroid, Cheers! 

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