Android Slowly Charging? – 7 Super Ways to Fix Slow Charging Issue

Is Android charging Slowly? Fix it with 7 Actionable techniques; The reason, Why Phone is Charging Slowly. Learn How to Charge phone Faster again.
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Android Charging Slowly? Today I have the solution: How you can fix the slow charging issue on your phone. Many people face this on their Smartphones and think why is my phone charging slowly and I will also show you all the reasons why it is charging at a slow speed and how you can fix it with actionable techniques that work.

Most people don’t try to find it on Google. Why is the phone charging slowly but you did, congratulations!. Let’s move on to the steps that you need to follow if you want to fix slow charging

Why is My Phone Charging Slowly 

There are numerous reasons behind any smartphone charging at a slow speed but there are few main reasons behind the poor charging speed

  • Unnecessary background running apps
  • Extremely low battery
  • Maybe something hardware thing (but I also have the solution)
  • Multiple services running at the same time

However, Most people just after reading the reasons they will go and try the things but I would recommend you to read all the steps at once. Maybe you find an extraordinary step that will help you to fix the slow charging issue on your phone PERMANENTLY. Although, Low Changed Phone Cause Low Device Performance.

Now: How to Fix Slow Charging Problem that you can use in All the Smartphones 

Yeah, I know that your phone was charging properly back a few days ago but suddenly the phone started charging at a very slow speed so that you are getting frustrated even I get frustrated when my phone is charging at a slow rate. 

But when I realized the things that can help me to fix it and I tried them on my smartphone, even one of my friends, Bhavesh, also tried this on his Samsung phone and it works.

1. Safe to Normal Mode 

Safe mode android

To fix the poor rate of charging on your smartphone you can restart your phone from safe mode to normal mode. That is one of the most tried-out techniques that I probably recommend to everyone whose phone is charging very slowly. 

So you can just get into the safe mode and then just restart your phone and you will get into the normal mode. Safe mode is the default state of Android where all the apps have been disabled for that more particularly. And don’t worry it won’t delete or remove any of your data. Your data is fully safe. 

2. One – Another Socket 

Change the Charging Sockets

Now, you probably didn’t get it from the name but one another socket means if you are charging your smartphone every day from one Socket then you should try to shift that location to another socket.

Now I know this is the underrated thing. But it works suppose if you are charging your phone daily in a single position for months and years then what will happen is your cable will break because you see the cable is forcing down. Probably this will hurt your cable in some way. Then switch the socket, try to shift your charger from upside down and plug into the socket or you can just plug your charger into any other socket. 

3. Turn Off the Services 

Most Android or smartphone users usually don’t turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location, or auto-rotate after using it. And as we all know smartphone battery life is limited. It can be used for a few years or five years but in the end, you need to replace your smartphone battery with a new one. Like most people.

Moreover, suppose if your smartphone is getting older every day and you are using more and more services that will impact your battery’s performance and somehow will also affect the charging speed. 

My recommendation is whenever you are charging your smartphone just turn off all these services to get a faster-charging speed

4. Charging Smartphone in Aeroplane Mode 

Trun on Aeroplane Mode

As we all know as smartphone users that just getting to airplane mode we can get the fastest speed of charging. That is true if you are charging a Smartphone. However, if smartphones are not charging fastly then you can turn on the airplane mode of a device to get a better Charging performance.

5. Use Fast Charging Apps 

Yes, you can use fast charging as they do work but if you are thinking if they work or not you can read this article where I showed you how fast charging apps work?

does fast charging app really work

Because most of the fast charging apps automatically disable all the background running services like location, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and also disable the apps that are running in the background which are not that useful. Moreover, using fast charging apps you can fix the slow charging issue and get a better rate of charging phones. 

6. Try another charger & cable 

If you are facing a slow charging issue with your charger then you should try to charge your smartphone with another charger and also don’t forget to change the charging cable. 

However, sometimes the charging cable breaks just because this phone won’t charge fastly.

7. Final Method to Fix Slow Charging Issue 

So if you tried all these methods that I showed you above then definitely it’s your device’s fault that your smartphone’s. Maybe the charging socket broke. Maybe the charger is not working now. 

At this point, I would recommend going to a repair shop nearby and just showing your phone to a smartphone repair expert. Maybe he can fix the slow charging problem. 


Why is my phone not charging?

If your phone is not charging, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out the charging socket or replacing the cable and rebooting the device. A slow charging phone may require a new charger to get it back up to speed.

Why is my phone not charging even though the charger works?

The charger is working but still not charging then, chances are  the issue is in the phone’s charging port. Fix it by cleaning the port or try using a different adapter. 

Why is my phone not charging even when plugged?

If your phone is not charging even when plugged-in, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by turning off services and apps or replacing the cable. hThe phone may require a  restart to get it back up to speed.

Why is my phone not charging above 80?

If your device is not charging above a certain percentage like 80, 50 or 99, It can be caused by a broken charging cable or the fluctuation in the voltage. However, when it happens try to close all the running apps & services. Moreover, charge the device in a different socket. 

Hopefully, that’s for today, today I showed you how to fix the slow charging issue. Even on all the smartphones which are running on Android OS. In this article, there are 7 actionable techniques that you can use to fix Android charging slowly. And Remember it’s Kunal from BackDroid.

If you have any queries then let me know in the comments and here is a question for you: When you bought your first smartphone?. I got my first smartphone when I just got into a higher secondary school.

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