Spotify Keeps Stopping/Pausing? Here are the 5 Best Fixes

Spotify keeps stopping or pausing frequently – why Spotify keeps closing every time. There may be many reasons behind an app crashing issue but most people ignore it. And congratulations you didn’t ignore it, you just googled it, and glad to see you here.

For you today I am gonna break down Why Spotify keeps stopping and how we can fix it. Because sometimes Spotify randomly crashes or pauses playing the music. There may be many reasons and here are the reasons.

The Reason Why Spotify Keeps Stopping Frequently 

If this thing is also happening with you then here are the reasons why it might be stopping or pausing your music frequently. 

  • Might be a bug in the app.
  • Many internal setting issues can be fixed. 
  • Or the compatibility with your device.

Remember these issues can be fixed or can be cured by following a few steps that I am gonna break down in the next few paragraphs. If you want to fix Spotify keeps stopping or even it keeps pausing or closing on almost any device. 

The Solution for Spotify Keeps Pausing or Stopping error 

There are tons of solutions available on the internet but most of them are bad. They don’t even work. Some of them are good but here are the actual things that you can do in order to fix these errors in Spotify. 

As we already discussed all the reasons why this might happen but now let’s move to the solution for Spotify randomly stopping. 

To fix most of the issues with Spotify, If it continuously stopping, closing then you should follow this

The battery might the reason 

Yes, the battery might be the reason why this app keeps stopping every time you play any music or after playing music for a frequent time and it stops working. 

But Why? As we all know now these smartphones are getting advanced and with this advancement, things have been changed in settings. In settings, there is an option called battery optimization which automatically optimizes your battery for better backup. In that order, it automatically customizes mobile settings which may lead to App crashing. 

Now, What can we do? To fix the Spotify closing error you have to perform the below procedure: 

  • Open mobile settings
  • Get into the Apps section
  • Find Spotify > Tap on it
  • Battery > Allow background & foreground activity 
allow background and foreground activities spotify

This might be helpful for you. By allowing background and foreground activities the app won’t be closed. On that note let’s move on to the second fix that you can do.

Because of Old Data 

Yes! Because of old stored cache data, the app might be closed sometime whenever you are playing any song or music in Spotify after a frequent period of time the app closes. In that case, the old data might be the reason. The cache data of the app could be the reason why Spotify keeps stopping. 

To solve that follow the below procedure: 

  • Open Mobile settings > Apps 
  • Now tap on Spotify > Storage
  • Here Clear the cache of Spotify > Restart your device 
clear data of spotify app

Just by clearing the cache of Spotify this error can be solved or if it wasn’t fixed, you can also try to clear all data of the app and don’t worry it won’t delete your account but you have to remember your ID and your password because this will log you out from Spotify.

And then perform a restart just after clearing the cache of Spotify for or clearing all data of Spotify from the mobile app settings.

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3. Restart Phone without Power ButtonComplete Process.

4. Save Only One Page of a PDF File

Refreshments are good 

Refreshment is always good. It can fix all the issues with anything, even with humans also. Suppose when you are in your college or schools and when your exams are near what you do with the study. You study the whole day and you need a refreshment also called breaks or gaps between the studies that will refresh your mind and help you to study better right? 

Then why not give refreshment to your app, make sense. So what you need to do is to uninstall the Spotify app and restart your device and then install the Spotify app again on your device. In most cases, incompatibility is the issue and that might be fixed just by reinstalling Spotify again into your smartphone.

  • Uninstall the Spotify app
  • Then perform a restart
  • In the end, install the Spotify app again.

If Spotify keeps stopping then you should follow all the above three steps because these are the main reasons why this app keeps closing on Android or even on the iPhones. But here are all the steps that you need to follow or you need to double-check if the Spotify on your mobile keeps stopping or keeps closing.

Perform these little tasks to fix Spotify keep pausing or closing 

Here are the little things that you can double-check or you can do in order to fix the issue with the Spotify app. 

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Spotify
  2. Clear the cache or clear all data but remember your ID password
  3. Allow foreground and background activities in-app settings.
  4. Check whether the internet is working or not
  5. Log Out your Spotify account from everywhere, if you have login into other devices
sign out everywhere from spotify

However, if you have logged into Spotify from multiple devices then this might be creating the issue, and if you log out from everywhere, wherever your Spotify account is logged into then there is a high possibility that will fix all the issues like Spotify closing, etc. 


That’s it, dude! Hopefully, that’s it for today. Today I showed you how to fix if Spotify keeps stopping or Spotify pauses music or even closes. These are the common issues that have been encountered by many users from the past few months and if you encountered this issue then this tutorial will be helpful for you. 

If you have any queries related to this you can let me know in the comments because I like to reply to every comment that is made on our website. I would love to see your comments below and I appreciate you coming here, have a nice day. Cheers.

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