Let’s Fix the Volume Buttons Not Working! Instant Guide

In the Tech Era, our daily routine is to listen to music, watch videos, lectures, and podcasts. Imagine whatever you are going to play your favorite music after a long time even this time you’re going to sing along with the singer. 

Suddenly move your hand towards your phone to make the volume all up. You press the volume up button but you find out it’s not working you tap it 2-3 times. But again the same thing happened and the first thought that came into your mind is that the volume buttons is not working. 

Before directly moving onto the conclusion, here are some easy steps that could fix the volume button that will lead you to listen to your favorite music with all volume up or all volume down that’s up to you.

In this article, I am gonna show you easy steps on How to fix the volume button if it is not working. All of you will know the reasons why the volume button is not working. 

To Fix Volume Button – Make them Working Again! 

However, this is an issue caused by software errors and sometimes it is by hardware failures. If it is created because of software errors or bugs that it could be easily cured.

Seeing it Carefully 

When you press the volume button but it doesn’t work, one thing that you do is press that button again and again. This is not right. 

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First of all, you have to see these volume buttons if there is some unusual thing that happened, something like the button could be stuck into the cellphone’s body. And to check whether it is stuck or not you can tilt your cell phone and check whether it is bumped or not.  

Your volume button is not working because the phone may drop on the volume button so that the volume buttons are completely pressed into the smartphone’s body so that you can’t press them. 

Give your Cellphone A Restart 

Restart Phone

Sometimes some technical or software errors might lead you to volume buttons not working. And to cure this problem you need to restart your smartphone at least twice when they are not working. 

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To make it advance you can either go for a safe boot which is also known as a safe mode in which all the apps were disabled for that particular model. And sometimes volume buttons start working when people put their smartphone from safe mode to normal mode. 

Check and Remove Unknown Particles 

Sometimes whenever you are pressing the volume button some foreign particles enter the volume button and make them stop working and that’s why volume buttons are not working. 

So first of all you need to check if any foreign particles entered into the volume keys. You can use tissue paper to remove it and be aware that you don’t poke a toothpick, broom, paintbrush, needle, etc. This might lead you to a permanent loss of volume buttons.

Third-party Makes the Problem Vanish 

Suppose if you are in a situation where you have to use your volume but in any case, you don’t have much time to follow all the tutorials then you should try this. 

Third-party apps to fix volume buttons not working

You can use any volume buttons app that is available on the Google Play Store and simultaneously on the Apple’s App store also. You can install them and use them as the virtual volume keys that could help you to scale the volume up and simultaneously volume down. 

If you don’t want to install any app you can go with the Android assistant which would help you to volume up and down when your volume keys are not working. 

Resetting the System Settings 

If there is any software bug then you could try to reset your system settings. I know that is not worth it but you could give it a try if you don’t want to visit any repair center and want to repair it by yourself. 

Update Your Smartphone 

Update your phone software to fix not working flashlight led

There is a very good thing that is happening nowadays which is that smartphones are getting updates almost every 2 months. Which is curing most of the smartphone problems whether it is the Android charging slowly on your smartphone is working too slow

Many people don’t install the system update but that is necessary. I think it is just like the trend that we all follow so update it.

Taking Your Phone to Repair Center 

If you tried all the above steps then that is the ultimate thing that you could do. You could go to a repair center nearby. They would love to help you and that scenario because we are not that professional to open up your smartphone and professionally fix volume buttons.

How to increase or decrease the volume when the volume button is not working 

Suppose you are in a hurry and you don’t want to fix these button problems. Either you will like to go to the repair center. 

On the other hand, if you want to volume down or increase your phone’s volume when the volume button is not working there is an advanced technique that you could use without installing any other App. 

Use Volume Keys When It is Not Working 

Below is the complete guide to using it. 

  • Open mobile settings. 
  • Scroll down and find sounds and vibration > select it. 
  • Here you can Manage Media, Alerts, Call Volumes.
Settings to Volume up or down without using volume keys
Control Volume when volume keys not working
Step 2.

That’s it. This is how you can use the volume keys when they are not even working.

Today I mentioned the best steps to fix the volume buttons. And also I told you the reason why my volume buttons are not working. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a nice day. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to mention your favorite song in the comments that you are going to listen to but suddenly the volume keys stopped working. 

So don’t forget to comment below the thing which you are going to listen to and something great. I want to see the personality. Only 0.5 % of people comment. 

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