How to Fix YouTube Lag on Smartphones: Easy Ways

YouTube lagging? While scrolling through videos or at times when advertisements were loaded, Or YouTube videos getting glitches. Fix YT lag.
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Is YouTube lagging? While scrolling through videos or at times when advertisements were loaded, Or YouTube video getting glitches while a video is playing and not paused.

All your problems with YouTube Lag and 5 Easy Ways can Fix YouTube App Lag issues. These methods are applicable when you have an Android or an iOS.

I promise to come on and won’t depress you.

Let Dive into 5 Super methods to apply when YouTube lags too much to handle. Not the Instagram handle.

Why is YouTube lagging on the phone?

We have seen common reasons that appear to be the culprit behind the lag. This list of reasons included background running apps, downloading a youtube video, using the app while it’s updating, and insufficient storage or RAM to run the app. These reasons may increase the phone load, resulting in lagging YouTube.

YouTube lag depends on device-to-device; it cannot be the same for everyone. If YouTube is down, you won’t be able to play videos. But if it’s laggy, that means there’s nothing incompatible with running it properly.

How to Fix YouTube Lag on Any Smartphone 5 Ways

youtube on smartphone on right and it shows youtube lag fix

One more surprise for you. WE HAVE BACKDROID hacks, which are easier to follow in most cases and fix things almost instantly. The following steps and methods are given below, most of which are proven to fix.

1. Enable GPU Force Rendering

GPU rendering on smartphones: GPU rendering uses a graphics card for rendering in place of a CPU/Processor, which can significantly speed up the rendering process as GPUs are primarily designed for quick image rendering.

forcegpu rendering in developer options

When you force GPU to render videos and other visual files, a smartphone will render it using GPU.

When a YouTube video is playing, and there are many frame drops while playing the video, then It is the best way to fix the frame drop in youtube, which is boiled down to known as lag.

To enable Force GPU rendering read this guide. Enable Force render is also helpful for other lags, including Minecraft Lag or lag in BGMI or PUBG.

2. Change Logger Size

Often roaming around developer settings would show you many options, including the logger size.

logger size developer settings

Logger size generally stands for the time taken to process sound. In a broader sense, if you have changed the logger size, I did it. The larger the logger size, the more time YouTube would consume to process sound.

You have to change the logger size to 256K or 1M. In most cases, it has fixed youtube video lag or scrolling lag too.

What if the water goes into the speaker? Here’s how to remove water from the phone’s speaker.

3. Turn On 4X MSAA

Alright, this is one of the most potent and well-known methods. It has never been hidden from gamers or geeks.

4xmsaa setting in developer options onandroid

When you enable or turn on 4X MSAA, it reduces the frame drop while videos are playing and also improves device performance. It also applies to video player apps too.

Many users recommended we add it to the Guide of Android Lag Fixing.

To enable it, you have to Turn On developer settings (mode) and read this guide to turn on or enable 4X MSAA.

4. Turn ON ‘Disable Hardware Overlay’

Hardware overlay, according to Wikipedia: The technique aims to improve the display of a fast-moving video image.

When this setting is enabled, you will find YouTube won’t lag more; here’s why.

disable HW overlays in developer options

When a Hardware overlay is enabled, it enables fast video loading, mainly reducing the bugs from YouTube apps like Video stuck during scroll. Or, while scrolling through youtube comments, there’s a frame drop in the video.

Now it’s time for different ways to instantly fix the lag of youtube apps as you do it.

But if it’s crashing, read the guide on YouTube crashing fix.

More Ways to Fix YouTube Lag

Below I’m going to show you more relevant steps and ways that are easy to apply and would fix lag without enabling all these things, which I have shown above. But if that’s not the case, read this: How to fix youtube stopped working.

5. Clear YouTube Cache

When using YouTube for a long time and haven’t removed the old user files, it might cause lag in some devices that are pretty old and have been used for months.

clear cache

To clear the YouTube app cache, read this guide. It will help you out.

6. Remove All Apps from the Background

Because multiple apps running in the background cause youtube apps to have issues even while scrolling through suggested videos or the YT comment section.

Also, check Our Guide on deleting youtube comments from app, all ways.

7. Update YouTube App

Most people, including my friends, ignore updating apps. But think about it. Why do we update apps?

YouTube update

To improve the app’s performance and to get new features? Right!

So update the youtube app. If you can’t update youtube app, here are Fixes to update the youtube app.

For Old Devices (running on Android Oreo or Below)

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8. Enable Don’t Keep Activities

dont keep activities android

It is useful when the device is old and can’t handle multiple apps in the background.

After Enabling It, This Will Happen

When you turn on ‘Don’t keep activities,’ the device will not allow any app to run in the background and force-stop the app as you exit it.


Above are all ways and methods. If you use them, it will fix youtube lag and make the app smoother than ever before. It can fix frame drop, scroll lag, and other lag you might face in the app.

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