How to Quickly Fix YouTube Vanced Not Working (content not available)

Don't Let YouTube Vanced Errors Ruin Your Streaming Experience - Fix it Fast: Content not available and not working!
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Are you a fan of YouTube Vanced? Were you enjoying all the premium features it offered for free until you saw the dreaded message, “The Following Content is Not Available on this App, Watch on the Latest Version of YouTube ”? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many YouTube Advanced users have been facing this issue lately.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fix the “youtube vanced the following content is not available” or YouTube Vanced not working issue.

youtube vanced the following content is not available on phone

YouTube Vanced Current Situation

Despite trying to use VPNs, the issue persists. Tons of people on Reddit, Facebook, and through emails are telling us that YouTube has stopped working and none of the videos are playing. Here are some quotes from affected users:

  • “I can’t believe YouTube has stopped working for me. It’s so frustrating. I’ve tried using different VPNs, but nothing seems to work.” – Reddit user.

At last, RIP vanced.

reddit thread about vanced not working


The Project moved to Revanced.

Reddit user luke.

Why Vanced Stopped Working?

error of youtube vanced the following content is not available, watch on the latest version of youtube app

The first step is to understand why this issue occurs. According to reports, the YouTube Vanced app couldn’t load the video due to significant software changes in the original YouTube app. The Vanced team couldn’t make the necessary changes to match the original app. There were also reports of server-side updates from YouTube causing sudden video not available issues on the YouTube Vanced app.

How to Fix YouTube Vanced Not Working or Content Not Available?

reddit thread on youtube vanced working again

I will share some legitimate steps to help you start watching YouTube content again. However, I am against using specific methods to access the content because, as a content creator, this affects the source of our income.

1. Download Extended Vanced [Hotfix]

The Vanced Extended is a follow-up project of the Vanced Project. The Vanced Extended has the same interface and all the features of the old YouTube Vanced and comes with YouTube Premium features. You can download the microG and Vanced Extended APK on the GitHub page.

youtube vanced app manager

MicroG helps you sign in to your Google account. A recently released hotfix can help you fix the ‘The Following Content is Not Available on this App issue on Android.’

One happy user, Jane, says, “I was devastated when I couldn’t watch my favorite videos on YouTube Vanced, but the Vanced Extended with the hotfix solved all my problems. I can now enjoy all the premium features of YouTube Vanced without any issues!”


2. Download YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced is a free customized YouTube client that replaces the discontinued YouTube Vanced by providing users with similar app features and other extra modes.

youtube vanced app not working at all

The app comes with all the YT Premium features. The ReVanced APK is in the early stages and may cause issues on your device, but you can try the app.

Another user, John, shares his experience, “I was skeptical about using YouTube ReVanced, but I’m glad I did. It has all the features of YouTube Vanced, and the customizable interface is a bonus. Playing videos in high dynamic range (HDR) mode is a game-changer.

The Project just moved to revanced.

3. Use the official YouTube app

YouTube App highlighted with the red rectangle box in the Android Apps settings

You can always use the official YouTube app to avoid using Vanced Extended or YouTube ReVanced. Although it may not have all the features of YouTube Vanced, it’s still an excellent app for watching all your favorite YouTube content.

4. Update your YouTube Vanced app

update the app asap

Even if you are using an app that is not legit, you still can’t update YouTube and their official website of the source from Children downloaded previously.

Also, read, 10 Fixes for Something Went Wrong, Try Again (YouTube app).

5. Clear the app cache and data

As always, clearing the Apps Cache is one of the biggest things you can do whenever any app stops working or starts crashing like Samsung Account App Crashing or TikTok Keep Crashing.

clear cache and app's data icons

If the first step didn’t work, try clearing the cache and data of the YouTube Vanced app. To do this, go to your phone’s Settings > Apps > YouTube Vanced > Storage, then tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”

6. Check your internet connection

For some people, as a red on Reddit says, it doesn’t stop working because all the videos are playing because they have super-fast Wi-Fi. Sometimes that happens, but check your internet connection if the vanced app is not working. 

check internet connection smartphone

The error message may appear if your internet connection is slow or unstable. Try switching to a different Wi-Fi network or mobile data to see if the issue persists.

7. Disable battery optimization

Battery optimization is a feature that helps extend your phone’s battery life by restricting certain apps’ activities in the background.

However, this can also cause issues with apps like YouTube Vanced. Go to your phone’s Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization, then find YouTube Vanced and turn off optimization for it.

8. Reinstall YouTube Vanced

uninstall button greyed out screenshot

If none of the above solutions worked, try reinstalling the YouTube Vanced app. Make sure to download the latest version from a reputable source.

However, use any third-party but safe APK downloading website.

Is Uptodown Safe? Exact Answer safe or not!

9. Check for server-side updates

Sometimes, the issue may be caused by server-side updates from YouTube. In this case, there’s little you can do but wait for the developers of YouTube Vanced to make the necessary changes.

10. Try Different Accounts

After watching many videos on YouTube and reading a lot of threads from Reddit, you can try using different Google and Yahoo accounts. For some users, YouTube stops not working, particularly for some particular accounts.

So one of the users just created a new account, and the app worked again, so this is how you can fix it. I know there are a lot of phones behind it that all the subscriptions to the Watch Later videos will be gone, and they can’t be recovered now.

  1. Download Vanced new project, Revanced.
  2. Update your Vanced app to the latest version.
  3. Clear the cache and data of the Vanced app.
  4. Use a different email account.
  5. Make sure you have MicroG installed on your device.
  6. Check your internet connection.
  7. Restart your device and try again.
  8. Disable any ad-blockers or VPNs.
  9. Make sure you have granted the necessary permissions to the Vanced app.
  10. Try using Vanced on a different device or emulator.
  11. Contact Vanced support for further assistance.

Search Graphs and Popularity of YouTube Vanced App When It Stopped Working

Below I am sharing a fascinating Google Trends chart,  which goes to show you how many people have searched for this term when the app stop to working or when the content is not available to users:

youtube vanced not working, and content not available google search trends graphs
Source: Trends.


I hope you guys found the article. If YouTube vanced stopped working, and YouTube vanced videos are not playing, you can try the above steps; they would help. Also, read 6 Fixes for Youtube Picture-in-picture (PiP) not working.

If you have any queries about the topic, Or if you know anything about the topic, then let me know in the comments. It would be helpful for others, and I would include that in the blog with your name and Shout Out to you.

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  1. My youtube vanced starts working but videos are not downloading in queues and all start downloading at once and then stops download.
    And the downloading videos don’t support pause anymore no matter how much i try
    Please help fix this

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