How to Enable or Disable Force 4X MSAA (Any Android)

Force 4X MSaa? A Tutorial (Easy): Enable Force 4X MSAA and Disable Force 4X MSAA from Developer options.
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This article will show you how to turn on force 4X MSAA or 4X MSAA by enabling developer options and disabling 4XMSAA. It does not just improve performance; when force 4xmsaa is on, it is easier for the device to work faster. But if you want to turn off 4xmsaa, then let go.

Today I promise to show you all screenshots of tutorials that would lead you to 4xmsaa and ultimately to find force 4xmsaa and turn it on or off.

force 4xmsaa screenshot from developer options and tutorial to enable and disable it

How To Enable 4xMSAA From Developer Options (Turn On)

Below is the comprehensive guide which shows the procedure to turn it on from developer options. But for that, you must have enabled developer option on the device.

  • Open Settings

    settings icon.

    Firstly, to find developer options, open device settings by tapping on the settings icon. Below is a screenshot of how it looks on my device.

  • Open Developer Options

    developer options.

    To search for it, Tap on the search box (magnifying glass) and type in: developer. In this window, select developer options. And then tap on developer options from the bottom or find it using the search box.

    If you don’t find it, that means the developer option is turned off; turn it on like this.

  • Scroll Down and Find 4XMSAA

    force 4X MSAA.

    Right below the disable overlays or below all transition scales, you would see the 4xmsaa option.

    You would find force 4x msaa below hardware accelerated rendering.

    However, when developer options are enabled, you can directly search from settings about 4XMSAA. Your device will automatically search from developer options too.

  • Toggle 4XMSAA

    When force 4X MSAA is turned on.

    At this point, turn on 4XMSAA by sliding the toggle button. Tapping on the button once would enable 4X MSAA, and tapping it again would Disable 4XMSAA.


This shows when force 4X MSAA is enabled from developer options. This menu is the same for every Android device.

If Developer Options is Not enabled

You must enable it if you haven’t turned on the developer on your smartphone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find and turn on 4x msaa settings.

This is one of the trending settings not amongst gamers but for the people who suffer from youtube lag or Minecraft lag.

In wholesome, Force 4X MSAA should be turned on when there’s any lag on the device or in any applications.

4X MSAA Without Developer Options?

Someone questioned us online whether he can enable 4xmsaa without developer options.

So, here is my honest answer and opinion.

Developer options are for the advanced fixing steps and have further options to enhance the smartphone user experience. Developer options include many options, from HW overlays update to a window, animation, and other transition scale options.

By tweaking into a developer, you might have a great experience or can worsen the current experience.

But don’t worry when I’m guiding you through all steps to find 4xmsaa and enabling it with screenshots and YouTube video tutorials.


I hope you enjoyed and learned how to enable force 4X MSAA on any android device. For this tutorial-type article, I used my Samsung m33. However, the steps are pretty much the same for all devices. Do comment.

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