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Free data on Airtel is one of the most demanding things right now when everyone is at home and wants to watch videos, download movies and play games.

What if you don’t have sufficient data to watch videos or to download anything from the internet that’s the worst thing right?

So in this article I am going to show you how you can get free data on Airtel not 10gb not 20gb in fact you can get free internet data upto 30 GB.

Here’s a method that will help you to get free internet data on Airtel 4G without recharging your sim and this is a hundred percent working trick so first of all I will show you how to get 30gb free internet data then just waiting for 3 minutes.

The second one is my personal favourite. You just have to click the get free net button and then you have to wait for 3 minutes and in New Link will load where you will get 10gb of Airtel data for free without paying money(Paytm earning apps 100₹ instantly)

So let’s get started: with Airtel free data 

This is how to get free data on Airtel 4G 

You won’t believe that the people who came here and got the 10 GB of free data.

So if you want to get free internet on Airtel SIM then click the below button and you have to wait for 3 minutes and if you want wait you didn’t get it because it’s the priceless technique that I found on internet yesterday, so if you want to get free data click on the button wait for the timer. 

Get Free Internet for 60 DAYS

After this Data button will unlock click on it you will be sended to the Airtel official website so wait for the button because this page is not available on the Internet it's a private page so for this you have to wait.

You can't find this page on the whole internet. Just click on the pope button and wait for that particular time and you will be sent to internet….

Click on the button and wait for the time to get free data for 60 days.

Airtel free internet data offer 500MB instantly 

So airtel is the company who launches a new offer for their user every month so if you have an Airtel SIM in want to get free data this offer is just for you.  Also read: Airtel balance check: data, validity, main balance, sms

Step-by-step instructions to get free internet 

Trick to get 500mb data 

Follow the steps below

download Airtel thanks
  • Download official MyAirtel App > apps section 
  • Find Airtel movies app banner with 500 mb free data offer
  • Click on the banner > install Airtel movies app on your mobile phone
  • Register on it > get the promotional 500 mb data within 24 hours

New code to get free airtel data 

If you are looking for a code to get free data on your Airtel SIM card then this offer is just for a reason secret code which was recently launched.

This will help you to get 30 gb of free data on an Airtel sim card if you don't know there are two offers. 1 is for 30 gb for a particular state and this is recently launched in June for all the customers who will give their app feedback and they will get 30gb return.

Here's the code to get free data airtel 

call to get free internet on airtel 4g

Call on 51111 from your Airtel SIM and if your SIM is eligible for the offer then you will get 30 GB of free 4g Airtel internet data.

So I hope this code will work for you. Also read: How to increase Airtel 4G speed 2021

In fact yesterday when I was trying this code on my 4 year old Airtel SIM card I got 30 gb of data even I recharge that particular sim every month and that's a bit surprising because it's a new of don't forget to try it and my personal favourite is the method the more one don't forget to get go there click on that get internet data button. 

After clicking on it you have to wait for 5 minutes and you will be sended to, where you can get 30gb data and this is a secret page no one can get there.

New Airtel offer for free internet 2021

Steps to get Free 2 GB data on Prepaid Sims

  • Call on 52122 from your Airtel number. It will automatically get cut.You will receive a verification message within 24 hours (sometimes instantly).
  • To check your Airtel Free Data Trick balance, you can dial *121*2#.

New method to get 10GB Airtel 4G Data 

  • Call on 5999555 from your number.Lucky ones will get 10 GB of data, which will be valid for 10 days.

Get Airtel 1 GB Free Airtel Internet for 3 Days

  • Download Xstream > Login to your account using your Airtel number.
  • Now, you will get 1GB 3G/4G data instantly.
airtel Xstream internet offer

So these are the few tricks that you can use to get free internet on your Airtel SIM card but what if you are an old user then how can you get free data on Airtel? 

Port your sim to get free net 

In order to get free internet data you need another sim like Jio or Vi.

  • First of all you need any sim card expect Airtel
  • Now you have to put that sim card into Airtel
  • After putting the sim call on this number and activate your sim
  • Right after activation you will get 30 gb of free internet on new Airtel SIM card

So this is the method that I personally use, to get free internet data I generally port my SIM from one to another and you can put your sim card in every three months. 

All methods to get free internet on Airtel 4G

Airtel Free Internet Data 2021Airtel FREE Internet 2021Airtel Free Internet 2021 Received
Free 4G dataCall on 521222 GB
Free 4G dataCall on 5111130 GB
Tricks to get 10GB Airtel 4G Data for FreeCall on 599955510 GB
Free Airtel Internet Data For 120 DaysCall On 54321 for airtel free data 10 GB10 GB
free Airtel internet trick for 3 daysDownload the TV App2 GB
4G internet trickDownload the app and install the movie app500 MB
Free internet trick for postpaid userLogin into the app using the valid postpaid number and claim the open data60 GB
Airtel internet trick for postpaid userMessage the Airtel free internet code 2021 SURPRISE to 12160 GB
Airtel Free Internet Trick 2021 for 4G simInsert your 4G sim first time on a 4g handset, wait for 5-6 hours, and dial 5111130 GB
Airtel 28GB Free Data OfferCall On 125346 and get 28GB for free28 GB
Free data offer trickOpen the link and download various apps.1.2 GB
Airtel Sim Swap Offerdial 51111 from your newly registered Airtel sim365 GB

If you have any sim card port to Airtel whatever you want to you will get free internet data on that particular SIM and if you didn't write the step one don't forget to try it.

So that's it for today guys today I showed how to get free data on an Airtel SIM card and a funny one and these are the working techniques.

In fact there are many ways available to get free internet data but there are few working ones that I showed in this post and I hope that you will get the free data on your Airtel SIM card. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any queries and don't forget to try method one that I should above.

FAQs for Airtel internet

Can we get free data on airtel?

Yes, we can get free data on airtel 4G in 2021 because there are lots methods like volte beta program, by calling on few numbers like 51111.

How to get free data on airtel?

To get free data on airtel sim you need to follow few steps something like: singup for beta volte airtel program that will give you 30Gb data for 30 days.

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