Top 10 Free Escape Games for Android

Escape games are fun and immersive experiences where you get to brainstorm your mind to find hidden elements, decode tricky riddles, and complete secret missions. They help sharpen your mind and improve your problem-solving skills. 

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Various franchises like mystery rooms in bangalore, Florida, or Shanghai utilize trending themes with unique and enigmatic concepts to deliver an otherworldly experience to their players. But apart from these physical games, the online and virtual escape rooms are fast catching up in the tech market. You can find plenty of escape puzzles available for playing on OS like android and iOS. 

So if you are hunting for new escape games to challenge your mental muscles, you should try some of the best free escape games that run on android. They are easy to play and require minimum effort to set up (not needed in many cases). The list below discusses 10-such escape rooms: 

1. True Fear: Forsaken Souls I 

It is one of the most well-acclaimed escape rooms ever created. This escape room takes you on a journey to uncover hidden objects and solve the tricky puzzles to find answers. The plot successfully mixes the elements of intuitive gameplay and psychological thriller with a gripping story and mysterious setting. Thus, if you are a horror-obsessed fan and think you can handle the mind-bending themes that will leave you tongue-tied for days, you should go ahead and try the Forsaken Souls escape room game.  

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2. Nox – Mystery Adventure Escape 

This popular and stylish escape room relies heavily on the themes of uncanny and mysterious effects. Tagged as one of the best online escape games in the market, you will find yourself immersed in a chilling and eerie atmosphere throughout the gameplay. It backs up its stunning setting and terrifying effects with a compelling plot and well-crafted storytelling meant to keep you engrossed for hours. So if you are into psychological horror themes with a driving story, this escape room is the perfect match for you.  

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3. Cube Escape: Paradox 

The paradox is the tenth installment in the online escape game series, Cube Escape. In this game, you play as the amnesiac detective Dave Vandermeer who is locked up in an obscure room, and to escape from this place, you have to solve all the tricky puzzles and riddles. The game takes place in two different scenes, the Forest and the Paradox Room and uses elements of eerie and psychedelic terror to keep you on edge. As you progress in the game, the difficulties get tougher on every next level. And the biggest surprise awaits at the end when you have finally gained your memories by breaking out successfully.  

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4. Can You Escape the 100 Room V 

The fifth installment of the 100 Room escape game is here with better modifications and improvements. Relying on intuitive thinking, you have to hack your brain to figure out the secrets behind the objects and puzzles that you will encounter at every step of the game. This escape room has many secret messages and action-packed scenes that will take you on an adventurous trip. And you can leave it to the enthralling sound effect that further adds to the mystery of the environment to entertain you thoroughly in the entire game.  

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5. Home Town Adventure 

Don’t let this comfy name fool you into thinking that it’s a game out from a children’s storybook. This classic escape game challenges you with the most obscure puzzles within a locked-down house. To get away from this place, you must unlock all the rooms by solving the puzzles and finishing the challenges. Throughout the game lore, you will find yourself exploring several hidden objects and hinting systems in these uniquely themed escape rooms. And if you think it ends here, remember that you also have the task of escaping from this place in one piece.  

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6. War Escape 

It is more of a story mode escape room that explores the themes of war and action horror-based adventure. As per the plot, a lair of monsters is gaining control of the B. O. B. city, and you have to escape from their clutches alive before it gets too late. There are 9-levels in this game, and 8 of these are situated underground. Though it relies on the classic elements of survival from monsters, what acts as the game-changing factor is your ability to make quick decisions and take instant actions amidst unfavorable conditions. This game is a treat for those who enjoy exploratory journey-based puzzles.  

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7. Adventure Escape: Murder Manor 

Contrary to its name, it’s a fun and humor-themed murder escape room that delivers light-hearted entertainment. You get to play the character Kate Grey in this single-player escape room. Using tools, ammunition, and hidden clues, you have to decode the secret behind the manor’s murder case. Throughout the game, you will find several challenges and hidden items that you will have to overcome to move to the next stage. Its visuals and the overall thrilling setting make this game worth playing again and again.  

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8. Escape Room: Mystery World 

The mystery world is one of the most-enjoyed escape rooms by game lovers. Its extensive environment setting and great storyline keep you engaged for a long time. The game’s premise and the theme revolve around an absurd room where you have to observe every object to figure out the clues. There are around 240-levels that you can play and never feel bored at any moment. And since you can play it in offline mode, you won’t have to rely on an internet connection for it. Also read: 5 Best Offline Android Games 2022 (Enjoy without Internet).

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9. 50 Rooms III 

It is the third series in the popular escape room franchise 50 Rooms. As you can see in the name, this escape game provides you with 50 different puzzle rooms to play. Your challenge is to work through these chambers by finding the mystic clues and solving the riddles from the given hints. And if you get stuck in any spot, the game has functions to help you out through some good tips. So if you are looking for a traditional outlook of the classic version of escape rooms, this game is perfect for your preference.  

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10. Can You Escape 

Grab your headphones for enjoying this surreal escape room trip. Your game will begin with an old and spooky radio bursting in the background. And as you progress in the lore, you will find more objects and cryptic puzzles that you can solve only by coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. The overall setting is similar to other games because you can tap to reveal the objects in your field and use them to unlock doors. But what sets this escape game apart from others is its bizarre plot spread across 4-chapters and the odd obstacles that will keep you hooked to the screen for hours.

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So these were the top 10-free escape room games for androids easily accessible on Google Playstore. And now that you know their names, it’s time for you to pick out the ones that appeal to you the most to enjoy an immersive and entertaining game session. 

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