5 Greatest Free Music Player Apps for Android 2022

Here are EXACTLY “Free Music Player Apps for Android 2022”! 

Streaming music online is a helpful thing, you can listen to any song anywhere and even download the song and listen to it.

But storing music on your device “Offline” and listening to it gives a different Charm. 

So if you are finding the best and free music player app for Android then stay tuned! 

Because today I am gonna show you 5 absolutely free music player apps for Android in 2022. Moreover, I’ll share the entire list of Free Music players.

Without taking any more time let’s dive into the five free music players for Android

All New Free Music Player for Android 2022 | Best Music Player Android 

Here are the five great music players for Android that you can use. I have not mentioned 10 or 20 music player apps. After all, it doesn’t make any sense because few are great and few are the worst. That’s why I only mention the best ones. 

1. Simple Music Player 

Simple Free Music Player

Simple music player is one of the most simple music player apps that I have tried and also The app size is just 2.5 MB. 

One thing that I need to tell you is this is one of the minimal music player apps with great features.

Even this app doesn’t have any ads. That means the app won’t interrupt you while you are listening to your favorite song and chilling.


  • Display music library on the device, by compositions, folders, artists, or albums.
  • Playing music, sequentially or randomly.
  • Interaction with local playlists: play, add, and delete songs.
simple music player features

And also this app has 5 or more new features

  • Music widget support and dark theme
  • Even you can edit composition, tags and here you can set a sleep timer
  • Simple equalizer support and no tracking no ads that mean you won’t get any ads that will interrupt you between the music

So let’s move on to our second music player on the list.

2. Music Player – Free Music Player

A free music player for android

This is one of the great music player apps that has stunning features like a properly customized design for music and a music equalizer. 

If you ever thought about playing great music with a great app that fixes your mood then definitely this is the music player that I would recommend to you before that don’t forget to check out other music players because everyone has a different taste.

music player app features


  • It supports all the popular music formats like MP3
  • Powerful equalizer. More than 22+ pre-set music tone styles for your choice(Normal, Classic, Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock…)
  • Using this music player app you can browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, genre, playlists, folders. And you can even edit the artist, genre, and song type.

It is some advanced features like

  • If you shake your phone, this app will change the music: Shake to move to the next/previous music
  • It has replaceable themes and backgrounds, Even it has 22+ Beautiful themes.

3. Music Player – Audio Player 

Audio player app android

This app is one of the free-to-download music player apps for Android that you could use on your device. 

It has all the features like Equalizer and it also supports all types of music formats. 

However, this app contains ads and that can ruin the experience of using the music player app while listening to your favorite songs. 

If you hate ADS then don’t try this; simple music player app that I mentioned on the top.


  • Using this app you can Edit the song details, now you don’t have to worry about the song without the album name or artist name.
  • You can cut/trim any song to make a ringtone (Wait a Minute… what I just said? RIngtone Right? Here are the Best ever ringtone apps that you can use.
  • This app has more than 20 fully customize and beautiful backgrounds that will show you when the music is playing
audio player app features

It’s a great free music player app but I would suggest you check out all the best free music player app that I am going to mention right below: 

4. Free Music – MP3 Player App 

Free music-Music player app

It’s quite an amazing app that I was looking for. It has all the songs that I want to listen to.

I used this app for several weeks and loved it. It has all the features that I want and also it contains Ads, I know but at the same time, the ads don’t bother me that much while listening to the music.

You can download and play any music that you want directly from the app and also you can add your music to it. 


  • You can just search for any music it will show your results from YouTube and you don’t have to watch videos if you can watch MP3 directly from YouTube
  • This app is using YouTube, which means you have a great library of songs like Hip Hop, rap, and classical jazz, every type of music you can listen to.
  • It’s completely free to use music player apps but at the same time, this app contains ads.
free music player features

If you are looking for a simple and classic music player app for your Android device then I would recommend this to you but in case you don’t need it then you should go with this simple music player that I mentioned on the top. It is one of my favorite music player apps.

5. XD Music Player-No Ads

XD Music Player no ads

If you are looking at the free music player app without any ads and I would suggest you go with the XD music player app it is one of the great music player apps and even I mention their app in one of my old post where I compared all the best video player apps that you could try

Moreover, you can listen to your favorite music that you have already downloaded onto your phone without any ads because ads are the thing that interrupts us the most. 


xd music player new app features
  • XD Music player has minimal UI
  • This app doesn’t have any ads that mean you will get a better experience of listening to music.

So that’s it guys these are the 5 best free music player apps for Android that you can try but before you go here is a bonus free music player app that has the most unique features that no one could ever think of.

6. Bonus Music Player: AMPme 

AMPme is one of the apps that allows you to turn all your phones into a music system. 

Suppose you are in a situation of a party where you don’t have portable speakers Or any kind of home theatre, what will you do? 

Maybe you can try to play music on all the devices at the same time but it probably won’t sync!! 

And that’s how the app comes into play, it will sync all the devices in that order you can play any music on all the devices in sync that means you can convert all the phones into portable speakers.

Isn’t it AMAZING? That’s why I said it’s one of the unique apps that you should try.

  • You can stream music or videos directly from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or your own Music Library

But sadly here’s the CON;/

  • This app is not completely free you have to pay money to use it

These are the Top Free Music Player Apps that are only for Android 2022!

  • Deezer: Music & Podcast Player.
  • iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts.
  • TIDAL Music.
  • YouTube Music.
  • Apple Music.
  • Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music. 
  • Shuttle Music Player.
  • Spotify With Ads.
  • Simple Music player
  • XD Music player
  • EasyPlay
What is the best music player app for Android?

The top music player apps which are free to use are : 1. Deezer: Music & Podcast Player, 2. iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts, 3. TIDAL Music, 4. YouTube Music, 5. Apple Music, 6. Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music, 7. Shuttle Music Player, 8. Spotify With Ads, 9. Simple Music player, 10. XD Music player, 11. EasyPlay.


Alright guys these are the 5 free music player apps for android that I mentioned today on our list and also I got one unique music player app that might help you in many situations.

And numbers 1 and 5th are my favorites. So don’t forget to try them.

So let me know in the comments which free music player app you’re gonna try first on your device, let me know…

I would love to see your comments.

Have a Nice Day.

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