Full Form of APK | What is the apk file and it’s full form

Have you ever searched in google like How to download XYZ app’s apk or Apk file! If yes then congratulations but if not then don’t worry. Here is the Full form of APK and what does apk stands for?.

APK full form 

APK file stands for Android Package and an Android package consists of many Source code which let this things done after every click. In other words Android Package is the Full form of “.apk”.

Know more about apk files here.

What is an apk file?

Example of apk file

APK or Android app which has the extension of .APK like .JPG .PNG .html in many file formats are available in Android. 

How apk files are useful?

Nowadays APK(app) files are very useful for those who don’t have a lot of internet to download these apps again and again.


Let’s take an example of Play Store when you download something from Play Store then it will directly install the app on your phone it will not store its APK file.

But when you download from other downloading websites it downloads the apk file of that particular app which means you can that app or uninstall it and again you can install it and also you can share it with your friends.

Facts about .apk file

  • Do you know that the apps have the extension .APK but you don’t know about this? All the Android games have the same extension .APK because they are designed by the C or C++ languages.
  • Do you know that there are 2.56 million apps available on the Play Store with the same extension .APK

Hopefully got the information and something more about apk file extension. If you have any doubts about the full form of APK or do you want to know more full forms let me know in the comment section below.


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