How to Get New Emojis 2023 on Android & iOS

Here's how to get new emoji's on Any device including Andro
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Here is how you can use iOS emojis on Android or Use the latest ones in 2023 without rooting or paying extra money.

Many of you might want to use the new emojis of 2023 on your Android device or iOS. Because recently, iPhone released a new update in which ios users get new emojis, as shown in the image below.

Believe me; you can even use all these emojis on your Android or smartphone. 

I’ll show you how to use a third-party but safe and secure app to install all new emojis on different devices.

Let’s dive into the tutorial for New Emoji 2023. Video tutorials are also given below (Tap here to watch the Video).

How to Get New Emojis On Android 2023

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So the first step to getting new emojis for Android is to install an app called zfont3, which is very helpful when adding new emojis to a device, even when you don’t get any updates.

To get the New emoji, Download the Zfont3 app > Choose the Latest Emoji pack from the emoji options > Tap on Install > Enable support dai characters > Restart the smartphone.

1. Download Zfont 3

Zfont3 app

The first step, go to the play store and search for the set. This app will help you add new emojis from different operating systems like iOS and Android OS. 

What is Zfont 3?

Zfont3 is an app that most Android users use. This app helps devices get new emojis from operating systems like iOS and Android. More about this App helps you to get new text fonts for your device to make your device look crazy. 

2. Download the Emoji

zfont3: Tap on seel all emoji

After downloading the app, open the app, and here you will get a few texts you can add to, but we have to click on emojis. In this menu, you will see all the different emojis from different OS. For example, here is the latest iOS emoji update you can use on your device. 

Now select anyone, or you can select all of them to add all the latest emojis from the iOS and Android operating systems. 

3. Now Install the Download Emoji Pack

Download and Insall the emoji
Download and Insall the emoji

Tap on the install button to install the latest emojis for iPhone or the latest emojis for Android. 

Right after installing, there are two simple settings that you need to configure on the device. 

Settings 1

So in the first step, you need to change the language and region because when you install these new emojis by 2023, your region will be changed to Myanmar. 

If it did not change automatically, try changing it to Myanmar. Don’t worry, and it’s not a complex process.

Settings 2 

change zfont3 settings

Now in this Android Settings, you will see a new menu card of “supporting dai characters.” So turn on the “support dai characters” to use the new emojis of 2023. 

After following both steps, you will see that all the emojis are now loaded into the existing keyboard. You don’t need to change any keyboard app; you can use all the latest emojis for Android and even iOS on your device. 

Get New Emojis by Watching this Tutorial

However, the same app allows iPhone users to get new emojis.

There are 5 Ways to Get New Emojis on Any Device

  • A new update can get them.
  • Using third-party apps.
  • Installing a keyboard App.
  • Rooting the Smartphone.
  • Or by installing custom font packages.


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Today I showed you how to get new emojis in 2023 or get new ones on your Android and iPhone.

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