Gmail App Crash? Here’s 6 Killer ways to Fix Android/iOS

Worrying cannot fix the Gmail App crashing problem; instead, reading this can. People often reported that their Gmail app starts crashing or Gmail stopping randomly for Both Android and iOS (iPhones).

If you face the same issue as others, the Gmail keeps crashing or Google Mail stopping. Then you don’t need to worry anymore because, in this article, I am gonna break down how to fix gmail crashing, eliminating the problem permanently. I will share the reasons why Gmail App crashing.

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Gmail crash is one of the worst situations when checking, sending, attaching a file or Deleting emails in bulk, but suddenly app crashes. It feels like flying in the sky and suddenly dropping on a tree, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN INTO THE FIRE.

How to Fix Gmail Keep Crashing/Stopping 2022

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1. Restart the Smartphone

In some way, restarting the device can also solve the app crash issue.

Restart Phone

What does it do? Basically it clears out the excess used data by all the apps that you used before restarting the phone.

So, Make sure to restart the device once Gmail app crashes.

2. Reopen the App

Think about a movement when the app suddenly crashed or stopped working. The first thing is to reopen the app after removing the app from the background process.

reopen the app

Because mainly we often reopen the app even when it’s opened in the background.

Before reopening the app, remove it completely from the background.

3. Move App to Internal Storage

I found it common among those who Gmail used to crash because they did not have the app installed in the internal storage.

Move App to Internal Storage

Why should you install your primary apps to internal storage? That’s a good question that might stumble in your mind!

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It depends on the read and writes speed of your memory card. If your memory card has a good read and write speed, you don’t need to worry, but if your SD card is normal or extremely poor, you should move the app back to the internal storage. Also, read 3 Reasons Why Can’t you Move Apps to SD Card!.

To move the Gmail app back into the internal storage you could read this article you just have to select internal storage instead of SD card to move the app to internal storage. 

4. Clear Cache

clear data of app

Are you still facing a Google’s Mail app crashing then it means you need to clear the cache. 

And we will have a separate tutorial for this. I am linking it here. Just press the button below to read the tutorial. I hope you like this.

Clear Cache Guide

And the same thing has been used by all the apps to make the opening of the app extremely easy. And also to reduce the data usage

5. Update Gmail app

In the technology era, everything revolves too fast, just like Google Web Stories. If you buy something today, it will be outdated in a few weeks. This sounds so true, isn’t it?

Gmail app google play store

Then why are we not updating our apps? Suppose added some new on server features on the Gmail app but if you haven’t updated it yet, it might cause some kind of problem, and the Google Mail app will start crashing and keep crashing in a loop.

To fix the Gmail app keeps crashing error, you can update the app, clear the cache, and open it. Now your App won’t crash again.

6. Free Up Storage 

If your device has occupied a lot of space of internal or external storage then this could be the problem for all your installed apps, not just for Gmail.

Clean internal storage

Because all the installed apps that you have installed from the Play Store require some space to run them properly.

In other words, the app needs to store more temporary files in your storage, so next time it won’t be loaded but suppose your repository is already full, then the app can’t Store new cache files, so in that manner, it will start crashing.


Many people tried these techniques and worked for themselves, and even I have tried this on 6 smartphones on which Gmail app start crashing, and this issue can fix all the Gmail errors like app crash, or app stopped working etc.

Ok, so let me summarise everything that I talked about in this article to let you remember everything. Although I had mentioned bookmarking this page, I hope you have done it.

Gmail Stopping, Sometimes Crashing Fix

To fix Gmail app, keep crashing: update the app, move the app to internal storage, clear its cache, and you can update your system software to fix app errors. 

Ok, I have done my summarising work now let me know in the comments how you discovered this article. By the way, it’s Kunal Kashyap, the founder of

That’s it for the tutorial. Have a nice day, enjoy. 

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