Gmail Queued Email? [Reason + Solution] Emails queued

Gmail Queued Email Problem; Fix Instantly; 3 Easy Steps to Fix Gmail not sending Email. Gmail queued outbox. Reasons with solutions.
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Everyone is worried because Gmail queued emails. Whenever we are trying to send an email to anyone, the email has been queued into the outbox. 

With the increasing number of work from home, this problem is also increasing significantly. And I promise in today’s article I will fix your problem with Gmail queuing or why Gmail queued emails. This will fix all your problems if Gmail queues without sending emails. 

So directly dive into the reasons then we will move on to the solutions of this problem. 

What is Queued in Gmail | Queued Meaning in Gmail

Basically queued email means that the email you are trying to send is not sending. Maybe you have attached any file with it. After the queued popup goes then the email is stored in gmail’s outbox. Mostly this is caused by attachments. In other words; The Gmail Queued Email is the sign that the email is not sent from your end. Although it is stored in the Outbox, it is either waiting for the internet or sufficient internet speed to send it.

Why Gmail Queued | Emails not sending (queued or in outbox) 

Many people face this error on their smartphones with Android or iOS. There could be a few reasons why Gmail queued emails and not sending them automatically.

Here are the reasons why Gmail queued emails and did not send them

  • Running out of storage.
  • A Bad internet connection.
  • A bug in the app.
  • Probably a syncing error.

These are some actual problems that your device is facing and because of that Gmail is not sending emails and moving them into the outbox.

On that note let’s move on to the solutions that you could follow and it’s very easy, you can easily implement it. 

Now Fix Gmail Queued Emails | Queued Not Sending 

Let’s see the easy-to-follow tutorial which will help you to fix all the Gmail queued-related problems without any hassle.

1. Fixing the Sync of Gmail App 

The Gmail queuing problem can be solved by fixing the synchronization of the Gmail app. Believe me, this is something incredible. 

Whenever we send emails or receive emails on our email address we have to turn on the synchronization in Gmail App so that way we would receive all the latest emails after refreshing on the app. And synchronization is also responsible for sending emails also. If there is an error and that would potentially ruin your experience. 

So let’s see how to fix it: 

METHOD 1. Turn On & Off Sync with a Quick Restart 

2 Minutes 2 minutes.

In this method, we will get into the Gmail settings and turn off the sync. Then we will restart the phone and turn on the synchronization again on the Gmail app. 

  1. Turn Off Sync Gmail

    first, turn off synchronisation

  2. Restart Smartphone

    Restart Phone

  3. Now Turn Onn Sync Gmail Again

    Again turn on sync of gmail app

Just by turning on and off synchronization of the Gmail app after restarting you would see a massive difference in most of the devices. 

Don’t forget to check out the other steps because sometimes it won’t work on a few devices. 

2. Don’t Clear Data instead do this 

Many websites mentioned to clear the data of Gmail App. And few people tried it and you can see the below comment I captured from a website. I won’t tell you the name of it but you can see the screenshot. This man lost his job just because he didn’t follow the right steps to fix Gmail queued emails. 

the comment

And he (the website’s owner) told all the people to clear the data and because of that the queue email has been vanished or deleted from their phone.

METHOD 2. Instead, Try this to Fix Gmail Queued 

To fix this error you can just get into the settings > apps > select the Gmail app > tap on storage > then clear the cache. Moreover, you can turn on the background data usage. In other words, you should allow Gmail app to use data in the background and to work in the background. 

clear cache of gmail app
Clear Cache of Gmail App

And just by allowing the background data usage, Gmail can send all the emails which are in the queue or included in the outbox in the Gmail application. 

Allow background data usage gmail app
Allow Background Data Usage Gmail App

On that note, if you are in a hurry and want to fix this as soon as possible then below is the step that you should follow if you don’t want to suffer from the whole procedure then you can do the single task which will send the email automatically. 

To Fix Gmail Queued Instantly 

So here is the method which I use. Many times it happens to me that whenever I send an email the email gets to the outbox folder and shows me the queued mail. 

At that moment I just refresh the Gmail app after getting into the outbox. You won’t believe it but it works. 

To send the queued email on the Gmail app instantly. 

  • Open the Gmail app 
  • Get into the outbox folder 
  • Now just refresh the outbox folder a few times and you will notice the email is being sent now. OR Moved to the sent folder. 
refresh to send queued emails gmail

That is the ultimate method that I found when the same thing happened to me. And I tried this on a few other devices and it works on most of them. According to the test that I conducted, on 10 out of 9 devices It worked. 

Everyone is sitting for appreciation and even me. Don’t forget to comment on anything. It would give me some appreciation to write more and to solve all your day-to-day problems with technology

Ok, so that’s it for today. Today I showed you how to fix Gmail Queued Emails. What are the reasons why Gmail queued emails?. I hope you found it useful. If you enjoyed it don’t forget to share it with your friends and it’s Backdroid. 

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