Google App is Not Working? Here are the Best Fixes

This is a quick guide on how to fix Google app not working if this is the issue that’s happening on your smartphone and probably it is the fault of the app or there is a bug in the app to fix Google not working or Google app is not working follow this tutorial.

There could be many reasons. Sometimes the error is from their end and sometimes it’s from our end. To fix it you need to follow the procedure below which is quick and fast enough to do it in under 1 minute.

How to Fix the Google App Not Working 

I know you are here to fix the Google not working issue. Below is the complete procedure that you can follow in order to fix it, so let’s move on to the first step that you need to do: 

1. As usual, Clear it 

Remember every time an app crashes or any app is not working that is basically because of a bug or some kind of corrupted data (don’t worry your data is fully safe) but the combination and the balance of the device and the app have been imbalanced and that’s what creates the not working or app crashing issues

  • Open Mobile Settings > Apps 
  • Select Google’s App > Storage
  • Clear Cache & Tap on Manage storage
  • Now Clear all data (Note: It will clear search history and preferred feed settings.) 

How to Clear Cache & Data of Google App

To fix it you just need to clear the cache & data of Google App so it will start working again as soon as you clear all data and cache. To clear the cache and all data of the Google app: 

  • 1. Open Mobile Settings > Apps

    Open your mobile settings, then find and select apps > app list.

  • 2. Find & Select Google App Here

    In the All Apps list search the google and select it.

  • 3. Tap on Manage Space

    STEP 1: Tap on manage space in google app settings to fix google app not working.

  • 4. Clear All Data of Google App

    STEP 2: Clear all data of google app.


And just after clearing all data and cache of the Google app, you can just open the Google app or I would recommend you restart your device once after clearing all the data now you can easily access Google again. This issue can be fixed just because you came here and read the tutorial on How to fix it if the google app not working.

2. Restart Your Device 

Restart Phone

Many Android users found that just by restarting the device there almost 47% of the error has been solved automatically. And you should also try to restart your device and I hope that will help you to fix that issue and if it still persists on your device then you can follow the third and the ultimate step. 

3. Send them a Feedback 

If you are a smartphone user you probably know there is an option in all the smartphones whether it is Android or iPhone, to send feedback to the company’s supposed if some apps are not working there is an option in settings to send feedback about it. 

And I even tried this on my smartphone when I was having issues with my YouTube app. That was the time when I didn’t know much about Android phones and things weren’t working that well. That’s why at last I decided to send them feedback and I got a reply from them and the advice was so great that even this works in 2022. 

Moreover, here are a few more steps that you can follow if the Google app is not working on your smartphone

7 Ultimate Method to Fix Google App not Working or Opening 

  • Clear The Data of Google App
  • Restart your Device a few times
  • Send them a Feedback
  • Check Your Network Connection
  • Update the Google App
  • Restarting Into Safe Mode 
  • Uninstall Updates of Google App

I Showed you seven additional steps that you can follow that will definitely help you, and the Google App will start working again. 

However, there are more things that you can follow to fix the Google app not working but these are the three major steps that you can follow on your device. In most cases, this will fix all the issues with the Google app when the Google app has stopped working or the Google app is not opening, etc.

I hope you like this tutorial and let me know in the comments and have a nice day and remember don’t forget

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