4 Google Maps Tips & Tricks for 2022 [Android/iOS]

Google Map Tips & Tricks that everyone should try once. Using google’s map app to find the short route or calculating the time required to reach the destination. Today we have some google map tricks/tips that you can use. 

Google Map Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

4 Ultimate Tips/Tricks to Use in Google Maps! How Many of these do you know. Google Map Tips and Tricks we never knew.

Find the way with this shortcut without entering the address

Generally, we go from home to college or office. That is to say, if you have any such fixed places that you visit frequently, then you can pin those locations on the Google Maps app so that you do not have to search again by entering the full address when you need it. 

Control your music on Google Maps

Perhaps you do not know, but if you want, you can control the songs you are listening to with the app of Google Maps. To do this, you have to go to the settings of this app, then select the option of ‘Navigation Settings’, and then click on ‘Assistant Default Media Provider’. After clicking on this option, you can select the service of your choice and then control of your music can be found on the screen of Google Maps.

Get suggestions from the app

If you are not able to understand which hotel or restaurant you should go to, then you do not need to worry, Google Maps can help you with this task. On the home screen of Google Maps, an option named ‘Restaurants’ will appear just below the search bar, on which if you click, you will get suggestions from the app.

List your trips

If you have a very busy day or week ahead and you have to visit or travel to many places across the city, you can also organize your trips in a neat list on Google Maps. To do this, you have to click on the ‘Saved’ tab of your app and then scroll down and select ‘Reservations’ where you will find your complete travel plan arranged in a list.

By following these simple tricks, you can make your experience using Google Maps even better. Let us tell you that the tricks that we have just talked about are only for Android smartphone users.

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