Error Checking for Updates Google Play? Here’s the best fixes

Are you looking for the Best fixes to fix Google Play Store Error Checking for updates? This is one of the errors which most play store users get while updating their apps. 

Because of this error, you can’t even see the apps that need to be updated. In other words, the Play store can’t detect which apps need to be updated because of the play store error checking for updates.

No, you don’t need to worry anymore because in this article I am gonna teach you how to fix error checking for updates in Google Play Store. Believe it or not, more than 2789 people benefited from this technique. 

Although This article is going to be super easy to follow and short so you don’t need to spend hours reading it, it just takes 2 minutes to fix “Error Checking for Updates”. 

How to Fix Google Play Error Checking for Updates

Below is the given procedure that you could follow to fix this error permanently now you can easily update your apps right after following this procedure. 

  • 1. Open Settings

    Open your mobile settings. After opening the mobile settings you have to scroll down to find apps and tap on them. Now get into the all apps list where all the apps listed are installed on your device.

  • 2. Select Google Play Services

    Now in the list, find and select the Google Play Store app. 

  • 3. Force Stop it

    Here, force stop the Play Store app and clear its cache.

  • 4. Clear its Cache

    Get into storage settings. Now two options will be displayed to clear all data and to clear the cache so select clear cache and confirm the action. 

    The final step is to restart your device to apply all the settings instantly. 


So here are the results: now you can open your Play Store app and you will be able to update all your apps now you won’t get any error while checking for updates. 

Basically, before writing an article I usually prefer to check on the internet if the information is correct there and mostly I find that information is diverted or not being short. Most websites just want to capture users for a long time but I intend to help you correctly in a short time. 

The technique that I mentioned above mostly works. But in a few cases, it didn’t work and if it didn’t work for you then you could follow The below list: 

5 Things to Do When Play Store Error Checking for Updates 

Below are the five things that you should check when you are getting an error checking for updates on the google play store

  • Check your internet connection
  • Restart your phone
  • Reboot your device from safe mode
  • Sign out and sign in again into Play Store
  • Clear all data of the app (don’t forget to remember your login password) 

These are the five things that you should check if the given method is not working. But let me tell you one thing, it is very rare to not work. 

I hope you like today’s article. Let me know in the comments if it helps or not. I have linked the video above. You can see it also works. 

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