How To Stop Play Store From Randomly Opening

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I know you are very frustrated because the Play store opens randomly, which is frustrating.

I also suffered from the same problem where the only question in my mind was how to stop the Play Store from randomly opening.

For instance, when I was opening the YouTube app after using Instagram for half an hour, suddenly, a thing happened which opened the Play Store repeatedly. I can’t enjoy my YouTube. 

How To Stop Play Store From Randomly Opening

So in this tutorial, I am gonna teach you how you can stop the Play Store from opening randomly. If the problem continuously exists on your mobile, then the tutorial below can fix it. 

So there are a few things you should ensure you are in the right direction, and I will also give you some tips to fix them. 

let's go

1. Check if the Play services are updated or not 

The most common reason the Play Store continuously opens is that the Play service is outdated. 

If you don’t know what Google Play services are, Google Play services are Google’s apps that help other apps like YouTube and Gmail to run smoothly because these are web apps. 

When the Google Play services have been outdated, the play store will continuously pop up and tell you to update it. 

However, it’s impossible to search on the play store for Google Play services, and you can update it because it’s hidden for all Android users. 

Why? I also don’t know why, but here I am linking to the play store link. If you tap on it, you will redirect to the play store, telling you to update the app. 

Or you can download Play services APK from an additional website. 

This brings me to another very crucial point. 

2. Update all the apps 

As general Android users, we don’t tend to update apps as soon as the update comes. 

Personally, there are still 27 apps on my phone list which are not being updated, and if that’s the scenario, then we both are the same. 

Jokes apart, but that’s true. When the app has been outdated in Play Store, it will tell you to update them by popping up, which is also known as a bug in some smartphones. 

Then update all the apps out there on your phone. 

3. Reboot the Device from safe mode

Safe mode android

If you tried both methods above, you should try to get into the safe mode on Android. 

This mode disables all the additional installed apps and will keep the pre-installed app running. 

After using the device for a few minutes in safe mode, restart the phone, get back into normal mode, and check if the issue still exists. 

Generally, rebooting your phone from the safe mode will fix most of the Android issues, and if you want to read more tutorials here, I am linking to the how-to page.

4. Restart several times

Here is a fact more than 27 % of Android users don’t restart their smartphones in a month. 

Restart Phone

Two years back, I was at 27%, but now I know that restarting the device every week is one of the things that you must do. I restart my device every two days. 

But now, the Google Play Store randomly opens, so you should try to restart your phone several times. How? This could fix it. Restarting will clear all the cache and reboot all the apps from zero, which means if there is a bug, it will be sorted. 

So that’s all from my side today. I hope it will help you to fix the Google Play store opening randomly, and I showed you all the methods to stop the play store from opening randomly. All the steps can also be used for the play store opening and closing immediately or randomly opening.

To Fix Google Play Store Opens Randomly

I hope you found it helpful. Let me summarise everything I discussed in this article in the few points below. 

  • Update the Google play services.
  • Reboot into safe mode.
  • Update all the installed apps.
  • Reset a couple of times.

That’s all from my side, Kunal, the founder of this website. Have a nice day.

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