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Google Web Stories Page from This page includes Tech Stories that Solve the User’s query, like How to articles or Tutorials.

What Is Web Stories by Google?

This is the new way of serving the content on Google. Google announced the Stories update on September 22, 2020. Google Web Stories is the same as the content you see on the Social media apps like Instagram Stories. But the twist is this is Informational content alive on the Web until the creator wants.

Which Type Of Content Do We Serve Through Google Web Stories?

So, this is Google Web Stories Page by Backdroid. Which serves content regarding Android, Tutorials, and Information. You’ll find content regarding Android or the Lists of Best Apps or Games. However, we do publish news content sometimes.

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Why Google Web Stories?

It’s the best way to serve the content to users, which is way more engaging the text-only content. It has a very high engagement rate.

How many Web Stories BackDroid publish?

We tend to publish as per our requirements. However, we ensure that the mark of 15 stories a day is at least completed.

When did we start publishing web stories?

We started publishing web stories in March of 2022, and we’ll add more stories to our library.

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