What does the green following on Instagram mean? | Instagram Green Following Button!

Have you thought about what green following means on Instagram? It’s an Instagram feature that tells you something really interesting. 

Green Following Button On Instagram

Just in the above image, you can see the following is in the green color. What does it mean?

On the profiles on which the green following button is showing that means have added them to the close friend list. 

Green Following Button Instagram

When any one of your following people is a close friend the following button shows in the green color. Moreover, on the top, you will see a Green colored star which also Indicates that the person is on the close friend list (CFS). Also read: CFS Meaning Instagram | Full form CFS.

And here is what close friend means on Instagram: how useful it is and how you can add people to the close friend’s list. 

Let me summarize everything I talked about. 

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Why is Following Button Green on Instagram | Someone’s Following Button Green

If the following button is in green color that means you have added the person to your close friend’s list. It’s a list where you have selected the people who are your close friends. You can add particular stories for them no one can see except them. 

In my case, I have added more than 15 to 16 people to my close friend list, the people who are closer to me, and the things that I especially want to share with them. 

Instagram’s close friend’s feature allows you to share stories with the list, particularly if only they can watch your stories other than that no one can watch it. 

This is a good feature of Instagram because when you add stories everyone can see it but when you add close friend stories on Instagram only the person whom you added to the list can see it. 

So I hope I can answer all your questions. What does the green color mean on the following button if the following button is green that means we have added them to the close friend list. 

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