Group Messages and Texts coming in Individually (Android): Solved

Solved: Why are group messages coming separately? And all reasons behind receiving group messages individually. 3 Reasons and Solutions given.
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You might have seen the group messages coming in separately. Think for a second, you’re in a group, and suddenly, group texts come as a separate entity.

Today I’m answering why your group messages come in separately or individually on Android. This article is part of the BackDroid Q&A page.

Let’s dive in. I’ll be sharing the reasons which can be your culprits and the solution that can be your lifesaver.

3 Reasons Why Group Messages Coming Separately On Android

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Below are all two leading causes that cause the separate group messages on Android.

1. Old System Default App

People often contact us and tell us about the issues and errors they face. This time, someone faced the same group chats coming in a separate message.

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What we find is that 98% of them use the default message app, an app that is preinstalled on the device. So, update the app when you figure out that receiving group messages individually.

2. Not Updating The App

The second most common reason is not updating the app; when you see the group chats popping up solely, you should update the messaging app you are using.

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Generally, older apps have fewer features, like a year-old smartphone. Don’t take it as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

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How to Fix Group Messages Shows Separately On Android

Below I will share some proven ways to fix this error on Android.

1. Switch To Other Messaging App

You must switch the current messaging to other apps to get the shortened group messages. It would fix the separate group chats shown.

2. Update the Current Messaging App

When using the older messing app and getting these errors and issues are expected. That’s why I keep these apps updated.

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But you might have questions about updating these apps, and there’s no way to download their updated versions. But you can do so by downloading it from a third-party site like uptodown. Know here: Is it safe to download apps from uptodown?

Yes, you’re right. There’s not any authentic way to download these apps’ updates.

That is why people switch from these apps to other apps.

3. Clear the Cache of the Messaging App

Timeously, cache and hidden cache give birth to significant bugs, leading to problems like this.

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When you see any bug in the app, the First thing to do is to clear the app’s cached data.

Repeatedly it resolved all these errors and bugs. Know here what happens when you clear cache data on android. And you might have queries like: Does deleting cache data delete any data?

4. Check Whether You’re In the Group Or Being Removed

If you have friends like mine, who would remove you from the group when you win the texting game? And then one friend says, “see what he said about you.”

So, when your friend has sent or forwarded some text from the groups, this happens. It forms a separate message rather than the group.

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One Step To Fix Group Texts Coming In Individually Android

QUICK FIX: Messages→Three dots(top right)–→Settings→More Settings→Multimedia Messages→ Uncheck (Turn off) “Group Conversations”→Re-Check (Turn back on)”Group Conversations” → Make sure download Automatically is Checked (ON).


This is all you must do when the group texts come individually on Android, mainly due to OTA updates that added invaluable features to their default apps.

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