Group Tabs on Chrome – Arrange, Remove or Add tabs into Group!

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A true chrome user is the one who uses the Chrome tab groups! Yes.

In this article, I will show you how to group tabs in chrome android. Anyone can follow the same steps on any smartphone (Android or iOS). And also share something more valuable.

Already we have written on Google Chrome app like; Enable dark mode etc.

Let’s get started.

Even Grouping the tabs in Chrome is super useful.

Group tabs improves productivity and reduces clutter. Be more organized.




Featured image to Add, remove or manage tabs in chrome groups

Chrome Group Tabs: Step by Step method to Group and Organize tabs in Google Chrome

Below are the steps with a screenshot. Why? Because screenshot’s tutorial gives more ideas about how to do certain things, which could be harder when screenshots are unavailable.

To Group tabs

Open the sites to the Group in Chrome.

the google chrome app icon

The first and foremost step is to open the chrome browser.

Then Open two or more websites, like Facebook and This is the basic thing to do, to organize. Because to manage, you need clutter.

Tap Dots and Group tabs.

Now tap on the number which shows something like:

Where the number of tabs is shown.

Grouping tabs chrome browser

At this point, click on three dots, then select the Group Tabs.

Select the tabs to a group.

Select the tabs to merge them into a group. In my case, I’m marking the “New Tab” and “backdroid” tab together.

Chrome Group Tabs

And then press the Group, which is on the top right corner.

The same method can apply to Grouping more tabs on Chrome apps.

But BEFORE you go. MUST read below 3 points.

Tabs have been grouped using two tabs only.

But what if you want to add more to that Group?

To do that.

Add more tabs into a group
  1. Open the grouped tab.
  2. Then tap on the add ( + ).
  3. It will open and add another tab (New Tab) into the Group.

To move one tab to another group, you need to follow here.

Moving a tab into another group
  1. On your device, open Chrome.
  2. In the grouped tabs.
  3. Find the tab and press and hold the finger on it.
  4. Tune drag and drop to “remove the tab from the group.”
  5. After that, press and hold on to the tab.
  6. Now drag and drop it on the Group.

Here’s how to remove tabs from chrome groups. Groups are a set of tabs which is used to organize all the similar tabs. It can be used on any latest chrome browser, in windows, mac, android, and ios.

removing tab from group
  • Click on the all tabs menu.
  • Then tap on the delete ( X ) to remove the grouped tabs.

This is all about the Google Chrome Group Tabs. Today I showed the easiest method to group tabs in chrome and also how to remove a tab from any group. This is also searched with enable chrome group tabs or disable group tabs.

Moreover, I showed how to arrange and manage grouped tabs.

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