5 Ultimate Solutions to Fixing a Headphone Icon Stuck

No More Silence: 10 Ultimate Methods to Remove the Headphone Icon Stuck on Your Device
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Are you worried because the headphones icon is stuck on the phone’s top bar? Now you are not able to play sounds through device loudspeakers? 

Let’s get started; here is how to fix it on any Android smartphone. And also, share your reason why the headphones icon is stuck on Android! 

However, some people don’t say “headphones symbol” and generally prefer to say earphones, so you can quickly fix the earphones icon even if the earphones have been removed. 

Let’s dive into the tutorial to turn off headphone mode on Android devices. 

Headphone icon stucked or not going away featured image

Is the headphone icon not going away?

Let’s get Started in #Backdroid Style!

To fix the headphone icon not going away, Clean the plug-in port and reinsert the headphone pin. Then restart your device. If not working, then restart from safe mode. Lastly, use an app to override Audio Controls, which will help remove the earphone/headphone icons manually.

Recently one of my friends, Selena, also went through this phase. She came to me and asked me to help, and as usual, I helped her with an insane trick. I am going to teach you. 

And something unexpected happens between us if you read through the whole article. 

Headphone Icon Stuck Fix Using 5 Easy Ways

Okay, so here’s how to remove the headphone symbol.

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However, now you can’t play sounds using your phone speaker. You should follow these five things I will mention below, which could be a lifesaver.

1. Fix using Plug-in & spin 

Sometimes, when you plug in your headphones to listen to music and disconnect them, you may notice that the headphone icon remains displayed. A hardware problem can sometimes cause this issue.

smartphone's speaker, mic, charging port and headphone jack

Sometimes, when you unplug your headphones, the headphone icon may continue to show on your device, indicating a possible hardware problem. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Plug in your headphones again.
  2. Slowly rotate the headphone plug clockwise a few times.
  3. Then, rotate it anticlockwise a few times.
  4. Finally, remove the headphones and check if the headphone mode turns off and the icon disappears.

Repeat these steps a few times to ensure the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, there is likely a foreign particle inside the headphone jack, which may require further attention.

2. Clean The Headphone Jack 

Usually, we don’t care about cleaning phones or caring for them. Do you remember those days?

phone's headphone jack is showing

When you buy a new smartphone and care for it like A diamond for a few days. 

You place it gently on the table, and after six months, you throw it on your bed and do whatever with it. 

funny gif of a girl throwing her phone

I imagine a phone doing a stunt. I wasn’t surprised because my phone does that every day. 

Now here is what you need to do. 

First, insert a cotton earbud into the earphone jack and spirit, usually clockwise and anticlockwise.

Now, I am linking a video you can watch to check how to clean the earphone jack easily.

How to Clean Earphone/headphone Jack

Cleaning the earphone or headphone jack is a simple process that can help to solve the problem of a stuck headset icon on an Android device. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Power off the device: Before cleaning the earphone or headphone jack, ensure the device is turned off to prevent any damage to the electronics.
  2. Examine the jack: Use a flashlight or a magnifying glass to inspect the earphone or headphone jack. Look for any visible debris or dirt that may be lodged inside.
  3. Gather cleaning tools: You will need a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush or a dedicated electronics cleaning brush, and a can of compressed air.
  4. Brush the jack: Use the soft-bristled brush to gently sweep away any visible debris or dirt that may be stuck in the jack. Be careful not to damage the jack by brushing too hard or using a metal object.
  5. Blow out the jack: After brushing the jack, use a can of compressed air to blow out any remaining debris or dirt. Hold the can upright and aim it directly at the jack from a short distance. Avoid tilting the can or spraying it too close to the jack, as this can damage the electronics.
  6. Test the jack: Once the cleaning is complete, power the device and check to see if the headset icon is still stuck. If the icon persists, repeat the cleaning process or seek professional assistance.

It’s important to note that if you are uncomfortable with cleaning the earphone or headphone jack yourself, it’s best to seek professional help to avoid causing any damage to the device.

3. Turn Off the Battery Saver

Now it’s time for Selena’s story before this. Let’s see this turn off earphone mode. 

One of my friends that I mentioned above. She made a mistake. 

Battery stats from android battery usage settings

Her phone’s battery saver was on, and she was listening to music. But when someone called her, she removed her earphones, went to that person, and returned to her phone.

Then she saw the earphone icon on the phone screen. 

That was the moment she came to me and asked for help! 

I disabled the battery-saver mode to fix the earphone icon showing what I did. Because battery saver mode saves the battery and decreases the performance, your hardware is not getting enough power supply. The headphone icon was gone the second I restarted her Smartphone, and she believed me. Now she can easily play music on her phone speakers. 

So if you are in battery saver mode, try to disable it or charge your phone’s battery. 

Selena’s Story Continue: She wasn’t my good friend, but that day things changed! She did something magical. I hope you understand. 

4. Use an app to override Audio Controls 

If the steps you took before didn’t solve the problem, you could use a reliable app to override the audio controls. This can redirect the audio output from headphones to the loudspeakers, which might solve the issue and remove the headphone icon. But be careful when using third-party apps and ensure they are from trustworthy sources.

5. Airplane Mode, then Restart 

It is the easiest option to fix the headphone icon stuck. It would be best if you first turned on airplane mode on your phone to fix this. In step 2, you have to restart your smartphone. 

Turn on Aeroplane Mode

Remember this: plug in the headphones while your smartphone is turning off. Afterward, my phone completely switched off. Now you have to plug out the headphones and let them turn on. 

I had personally tried this method, and it worked for me. I know how annoying it is to play sound from your phone speaker, but you can’t because the headphone icon is continuously showing. 

11 ways to fix the headphone icon stuck

screenshot showing headphone icon stucked on android

Here are 11 ways to fix a stuck headphone icon:

Let me sum up all the steps in eleven simple points: 

  1. Plug-in & Spin: Plug in your headphones again and spin the plug clockwise and then anticlockwise.
  2. Clean the Headphone Jack: Clean the headphone jack using a soft-bristled brush or compressed air.
  3. Restart Your Device: Power off and then turn on your device.
  4. Restart in Safe Mode: Restart your device in safe mode to disable third-party apps.
  5. Disable Battery Saver Mode: Turn off battery saver mode.
  6. Toggle Airplane Mode: Enable and disable airplane mode on your device.
  7. Clear App Cache and Data: Clear the cache and data of the problematic app.
  8. Update Software: Check for and install system updates.
  9. Check System-wide Audio Settings: Verify and adjust audio settings.
  10. Use Headphone Jack Cleaning Tools: Use specialized tools to clean the jack.
  11. Seek Professional Assistance: Consult a technician or manufacturer if the issue persists.

How to remove headphones using third-party apps

Below I list Android applications that you could use to override the existing audio controls. However, this could be a little risky. I recommend you go with the cleaning headphone jack procedure. 

1. App to Remove Headphone Icon

app icon of Disable Headphone -Fix Earphone/Enable Loudspeaker

App Name:
Disable Headphone -Fix Earphone/Enable Loudspeaker

2. App to Remove Headphone Mode/Icon

App icon of Earphone mode off

App Name: Earphone mode off

Below are the app download buttons:

1. App Download

2. App Download

Summing Up each way when stuck in headphone mode on your phone

  • Clean the port (headphone jack) and resister and remove the headphone.
  • Restart the Phone or restore from safe mode.
  • Third-party apps to override Audio controls.
  • Plug in the headphone and restart.

Why is the Headset Icon Stuck On Android

When the headset icon is stuck on an Android device, the phone thinks that headphones are plugged in, even when no headphones are connected. This can be frustrating because it can interfere with phone calls, music playback, and other audio-related tasks.

There are several reasons why the headset icon may get stuck on an Android phone:

  1. Dust and debris: One of the most common reasons for a stuck headset icon is dust or debris in the headphone jack. If something is stuck in the jack, the phone may think that headphones are plugged in, even when they aren’t. Try cleaning the jack with a small, soft-bristled brush to fix this.
  2. Hardware issues: If the headphone jack is damaged or malfunctioning, this can also cause the headset icon to get stuck. In this case, the jack may need to be repaired or replaced.
  3. Software glitches: Sometimes, software glitches can cause the headset icon to get stuck. This can happen if there is a problem with the Android operating system or a specific running app. To fix this, try restarting the phone or clearing the cache and data for the app that is causing the problem.
  4. Third-party accessories: If you have recently used a third-party accessory, such as a Bluetooth headset or adapter, this can also cause the headset icon to get stuck. To fix this, try disconnecting the accessory and restarting the phone.

Sometimes, the headset icon may be stuck due to a combination of these factors. For example, if there is dust in the headphone jack and a software glitch at the same time, this can cause the problem to persist even after cleaning the jack.

Video Tutorial

If you have tried all the above solutions and the headset icon is still stuck on your Android phone, it may be time to take it to a professional for repair. A trained technician can diagnose the problem and determine the best action to fix it.

I hope you found this helpful article. If yes, let me know which step helps you the most in the comments! This article is part of our How to Tutorials.

Only 0.05% of people were courageous by letting us know in the comments. These are some golden people with golden hearts. These steps can also apply to the earphone icon not going away or the headphone/earphone icon showing after removal.

Open that you are from one of them. You can even share articles with more people. 

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