Headphone Icon Stuck Fix: Here are the Best Fixes for Turning off Headphone mode

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Are you worried because the headphones icon is stuck on the phone’s top bar? Now you are not able to play sounds through device loudspeakers? 

Let’s get started; here is how to fix the headphone icon stuck on any Android smartphone. And also, share your reason why the headphones icon is stuck on Android! 

However, some people didn’t say “headphones” generally prefer to say earphones so you can quickly fix the earphones icon showing even if the earphones have been removed. 

Let’s dive into the tutorial to turn off headphone mode on android devices. 

Headphone icon stucked or not going away featured image
Is the headphone icon not going away?

Let’s get Started in #Backdroid Style!

To fix the headphone icon stuck or not going away, Firstly, Clean the plug-in port and reinsert the headphone pin. Then restart your device. If not working, then restart from safe mode. Lastly, use an app to override Audio Controls, which will help remove the earphone/headphone icons manually.

Recently one of my friends, Selena, also went through this phase. She came to me and asked me to help, and as usual, I helped her with an insane trick. I am going to teach you. 

And something unexpected happens between us if you read through the whole article. 

Headphone Icon Stuck Fix Using 5 Easy Ways

Okay, so when headphones mode is stuck, the earphone icon is continuously showing on the top.

let's go

However, now you can’t play sounds using your phone speaker. At this moment, you should follow these five things that I will mention below which could be a lifesaver.

1. Airplane Mode, then Restart 

It is the easiest option to fix the headphone icon stuck. It would be best if you first turned on airplane mode on your phone to fix this. In step 2, you have to restart your smartphone. 

Turn on Aeroplane Mode
restart phone simple background with white text on it

Remember this: while your smartphone is turning off, plug in the headphones. Afterward, my phone completely switched off. Now you have to plug out the headphones and let them turn on. 

I had personally tried this method, and it worked for me. I know how annoying it is to play sound from your phone speaker, but you can’t because the headphone icon is continuously showing. 

Let me sum up all the steps in three simple points: 

  • Turn on airplane mode.
  • Now restart the device while it’s restarting the plug-in and plug-out headphones when it’s turning off. 
  • Before your phone turns on, make sure to plug out the headphones. 

2. Fix using Plug-in & spin 

Several times, you plug in your headphones and listen to your music, and after a while, you remove them, but the magic happens your headphones Icon is still showing.  

However, sometimes a hardware problem results in these kinds of bugs. 

To fix the headphone icon, turn off the headphone mode. You need to plug in your headphones again. After plugging it in, you have to spin it slowly. 

First, a few times, spin it clockwise, then after a few times, spin it anticlockwise. Last, remove the headphones and see if the earphone mode turns off or if the icon is showing. 

Now repeat this a few times. And if it is still not working, there is a high possibility of a foreign particle inside the headphone jack.

3. Clean Headphone Jack 

Usually, we don’t care about cleaning phones or caring for them. Do you remember those days?

When you buy a new smartphone and care for it like A diamond for a few days. 

You place it gently on the table, and after six months, you throw it on your bed and do whatever with it. 

I imagine a phone doing a stunt. I wasn’t surprised because my phone does that every day. 

Now here is what you need to do. 

First, insert a cotton earbud into the earphone jack and spirit, usually clockwise and anticlockwise.

Now, I am linking a video you can watch and check how to easily clean the earphone jack. 

How to Clear Earphone/headphone Jack.

4. Turn Off the Battery Saver

Now it’s time for Selena’s story before this. Let’s see this turn off earphone mode. 

One of my friends that I mentioned above. She made a mistake. 

Battery Saver Android

Her phone’s battery saver was on, and she was listening to music. But when someone called her, she removed her earphones, went to that person, and returned to her phone.

Then she saw the earphone icon on the phone screen. 

That was the moment she came to me and asked for help! 

I disable the battery-saver mode to fix the earphone icon showing what I did. Because battery saver mode saves the battery and decreases the performance, your hardware is not getting enough power supply. The second I just restarted her Smartphone and believed me or not, the headphone icon was gone now she can easily play music on her phone speakers. 

So if you are in battery saver mode, try to disable it or charge your phone’s battery. 

Selena’s Story Continue: She wasn’t my good friend, but that day things changed! She did something magical. I hope you understand. 

5. Use an app to override Audio Controls 

You can use an external app to overwrite existing controls if nothing works. This will forcefully shift your audio from headphones to the loudspeakers so that it efficiently removes the headphone icon. 

Below I list Android applications that you could use to override the existing audio controls. However, this could be a little risky. I recommend you go with the cleaning headphone jack procedure. 

1. App to Remove Headphone Icon

App Name:
Disable Headphone -Fix Earphone/Enable Loudspeaker

2. App to Remove Headphone Mode/Icon

App Name: Earphone mode off

Below are the app download buttons:

Summing Up each way to Fix the earphone icon showing without earphones

  • Clean the port (headphone jack) and resister and remove the headphone.
  • Restart the Phone or restore from safe mode.
  • Third-party apps to override Audio controls.
  • Plug in the headphone and restart.

I hope you found this helpful article. If yes, then let me know which step helps you the most in the comments! This article is part of our How to Tutorials.

Only 0.05% of people were courageous by letting us know in the comments. These are some golden people with golden hearts. These steps can also apply to the earphone icon not going away or the headphone/earphone icon showing after removal.

Open that you are from one of them. You can even share articles with more people. 

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